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From: (Christopher Aldi)

Digital Quill is a full featured text editor capable of meeting all your
text processing needs with grace and ease.  Quill puts editing functions at
your command with a user definable Keystroke, Menu, or SpeedButton.  Be it
a book report for the class room, or writing C and Assembly language
programs, Quill is up to the task.  Several default macros are included
that support many popular compiler environments such as SAS/C, DICE, and
BenchMark Modula 2.

Digital Quill Features

o   User Definable Speed Buttons
o   User Definable Speed Menu 
o   Style Guide Compliant GUI
o   Font & Screen Adaptive GUI
o   Workbench, Public and Custom Screen Support
o   Drag Marking Mode
o   Fence Posting Mode
o   Iconification To Workbench
o   AppWindow Support
o   Fast and Powerful Search & Replace
o   Bookmarking
o   Auto-Indent for Programmers.
o   Comprehensive A-Rexx Scripting Interface
o   Online Amiga Guide Help

Quill is not only brand new in the sense of it being a new product, but it
also brings a brand new attitude to text editors, and applications in
general, to the Amiga.  Quill is a user-centered design, that is to say it
was designed from the start with a high degree of usability in mind, to
provide a ground work that is comfortable and easy to use, while at the
same time being fast and powerful.

Digital Quill is Digital Power, Digital Ease, Digital Grace, and Digital
Speed.  The time is now to ride the Digital Edge!

Digital Quill is competitively priced at $59.95 US and will be available at
quality Amiga softwarre dealers everywhere soon!

Phantom Development LLC.
P.O. Box 572
Plantsville, CT 06479