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[Orginally posted to comp.sys.amiga.misc]

I am posting this for a friend (contact information below);I know this is a
long shot, but if never hurts to ask--

Wanted: 12 Commodore Amiga A1200 Computers
        Any Hewlett Packard DeskJet 560C Printers

Inner-City Arts is a non-profit arts organization which offers visual and
performing arts classes to the under-served, ethnically diverse elementary
school children who reside in the area of downtown Los Angeles known as
"skid row."

The mission of Inner-City Arts is to keep the spark of creativity alive in
young children facing extremely difficulat circumstances while building
self-esteem and connections between art, school, family and community.

On September 22, 1995, Inner-City Arts will hold an arts festival to
introduce 150 new children to its facility.  As part of this Festival For
Youth, we would like to offer computer design experiences.  We are looking
for a donation of 12 Commodore Amiga computers and printers to be used at
the Inner-City Arts Center on September 22nd.  Any permanent donation is
tax-deductible, and will go directly to our budding media center where
children whose circumstances do not include access to such experiences,
will be able to make use of them.

For more information about our organization, event or mission, please
contact: Michelle Berne, Inner-City Arts Festival for Youth via e-mail: or at Inner City Arts: 213/627-6469.