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    fMSX Amiga 0.6


    Hans Guijt (


fMSX Amiga emulates an MSX computer on an Amiga.  This version finally
includes disk support, which means that it is suitable for several jobs:

- BASIC programming using the in-built MSX-BASIC.
- Doing serious work such as accounting or wordprocessing.
- Playing games.

Software is not included with the package, but many packages (mostly games)
can be found on FTP sites:			/pub/msx/		/pub/MSX/				/pub/msx/			/pub/

Currently some 147 ROMs, 10 MegaROMs, and over 200 disk-based games have
been or will be uploaded!

Of course fMSX Amiga is fully multitasking, runs in an intuition screen,
and has a font-sensitive user interface.


Drive support!  This means that you can now use disk-based games, or write
BASIC programs *and* save them before you turn off your computer!

Drive support requires some form of PC drive support on your Amiga.  The
logical choice would be CrossDos, but other solutions such as messydos are
also supported.  In addition, it is not necessary that the emulated drive
is actually a physical drive; it could just as well be a hardfile or a
RAD-like device.

Another new feature is support for using MegaROMs.  Although not many are
available right now these games are generally of higher quality than the
normal ROMs or the disk-based games.

The GUI was given a complete overhaul.  Many more preference options and
buttons are now available and are remembered between sessions.

The highspeed mode is more robust, although it is not yet perfect.

Of course the customary speedup was also done.


Required are:

- Amiga OS 3.0
- 68020 processor
- 400 kilobytes chip ram
- 700 kilobytes other ram


- 68030 processor, at least 25MHz
- Those 700 kilobytes of 'other' ram had better be fast ram!

Note that fMSX Amiga does *not* require the AGA chipset.  In fact, it
should run on any chipset upto and including graphics cards, although this
has not been tested.


fMSX Amiga 0.6 is available from any aminet site, such as: (114682)


It's absolutely free. 'Gratis en voor niets' as the Dutch say ;-)


fMSX Amiga 0.6 is publically supported freeware.  If you are interested in
the source, and you're not afraid of function pointers and huge amounts of
assembly intermixed with C, you can request it from me.

If someone wants to do a special version (and I can think of several
possibilities, such as a version that uses the MMU for optimized Z80
emulation, or a version that runs on a Cybergraphics card), contact me.