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VERSION:  v3.2

COMPANY:  Asimware Innovations Inc.
          600 Upper Wellington St., Unit D
          Hamilton, Ontario
          Canada  L9A 3P9

          Phone:  (905)578-4916
            Fax:  (905)578-3966

AsimCDFS v3.2 Maintenance Release

We would like to announce the availability of AsimCDFS v3.2, which was
released on August 23rd, 1995.  This is a maintenance update for the
AsimCDFS v3 package.

Particulars include support for additional CD-ROM drives, small feature
additions and minor bug fixes.  Consult the AsimCDFS3_2.readme file on our
FTP site for details.

Registered users can obtain this release via our BBS or ftp site.  Consult
your manual for details on obtaining the update.

Paul Reeves
Asimware Innovations Inc.
August 23rd, 1995