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  Amiga-Link                PRESS RELEASE                August 25, 1995

             The Amiga-Link 2.0 / Envoy 2.0 Networking Package

AmiTrix Development announced today that they will now be distributing the
Amiga-Link/Envoy networking package for all Amigas.  Arrangements have been
made with Intangible Assets Manufacturing (IAM), and with ABF Computer GbR,
that will see "Envoy 2.0" bundled together with an updated, fully
translated version of "Amiga-Link", to be assembled and distributed by

Amiga-Link is a complete solution to your Amiga peer-to-peer networking
needs.  With the included software and hardware, you can share your hard
drives and printers, as well as run other network applications.  This
package is compatible with all Amiga models, using the floppy port for
maximum compatibility across models, and keeping other ports available for
their intended uses.  Low cost "rendering farms" are now possible.

The Amiga-Link package comes with both the standard AmigaLink software and
also the Amiga Envoy software.  The Amigalink software's advantage is that
it works with AmigaOS1.3, providing compatibility with older machines,
whereas Amiga Envoy requires 2.04 or higher, but provides superior
performance, device sharing, and an API that allows for the development of
third-party networking applications, with many already available.

Amiga-Link provides a less expensive method of peer to peer networking
using compact modules connected to the external floppy port and linked
together with BNC connectors and coaxial cables.  The SANA-II device driver
allows all Amiga's (including those without Zorro-II expansion slots), to
be connected in a network of up to 20 machines, within a distance of 330
feet (100m).  DMA data transfer, at 450,000 bps from network to memory,
avoids CPU contention common to the parallel/serial port networks, and
leaves these ports free for normal use.  This is roughly equivalent to
ArcNet speed, and although slower than ethernet, is less than half the

The AmigaLink software has GUI tools for Workbench control of Import &
Export functions, network Statistics & Diagnostics tools for testing and
troubleshooting both hardware & software, while a Printer Spooler program
allows for network printer sharing.  It's SANA-II compatibility allows
other software to be run concurrently such as AmiTCP, providing great
flexibility when networking various Amiga's together.  A new revised
English manual is included.

Amiga Envoy is the standard Amiga peer-to-peer networking software that was
developed by Commodore's Amiga Networking Group.  Its performance,
user-interface and API are consistent with the philosophy of the Amiga
Operating System.  Amiga Envoy provides a simple messaging interface for
the easy development of reliable network applications.  Included
applications enable connected Amiga computers to share their hard disks,
CD-ROMs, and printers transparently.  Third-party applications can also
provide extra functionality such as electronic mail, remote computer
access, multi-user databases and multi-player games.

New features for Envoy 2.0 include support of AmigaOS 2.04 DOS packet types
(including notification and record locking), support for removable media,
enhanced reliability & robust recovery, localization, AmigaGuide
documentation, and more.

MSRP for the basic 2 unit package is $299.00 US, or $379.00 CAN.
Expansion kits, cable options and accesories are also available.

Dealer and Educational Institution inquiries welcomed.

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