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DKB, long-time developers in the Amiga market, have announced the upcoming
availability of the Wildfire 060 accelerator.

The first Wildfire will be for the A2000, boasting an 060/50 processor and
these features-
Interleaved Memory
32-bit SCSI-II Host bus DMA interface
10Mb/sec SCSI transfers
90% CPU available at full speed SCSI DMA
Fully Autoconfigurable
64 bit RAM expandable to 128 Megs
Uses industry standard 72-pin SIMMs
Allows mixing and matching of 4, 8, 16, and 32 meg SIMMs.

Models are planned for the 4000, 1200, and (possibly) 3000.

The list price for the Wildfire 2000/060 is $1699.  Models will be
available no earlier than the first week in October, subject to processor

DKB is available at (810) 348-3821 voice, (810) 348-3531 fax, and e-mail.