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GVP's decline was no secret.  Over the past couple of years, phone support
vanished, product releases became erratic and the rumors of GVP's demise
circled wildly.

Finally, GVP held a "going out of business" sale, auctioning off its
product line to the highest bidder-specifically, M-Tec of Germany.

After months of preparation, the "New GVP", TekMagic, has resurfaced in
Pennsylvania and has picked up where GVP left off.

M-Tec management at TekMagic informed AR that new product would go into
production in September and October, starting with GVP SIMMs and 1200/4000
accelerators, along with the G-Lock and DSS-8 sound sampler.

On the drawing board is a new 030 accelerator for the Amiga 2000 with
72-pin standard SIMM memory.  Also planned is a refit of the A530

TekMagic also expects to re-manufacture the TBC+, EGS Spectrum, I/O
Expander and 4008 SCSI card.

TekMagic can be reached at (610) 522-9350 voice, (610) 522-9354 fax.