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Sep 1, 1995 --- Soft-Logik Publishing

Digita and Soft-Logik are pleased to announce that Digita software
applications have been selected by Amiga Technologies to be bundled with
new Amiga computers.  The bundle will include special new versions of
Wordworth, Datastore and Organizer.

Wordworth is the best-selling Amiga word processor in history and will help
increase excitement about Amiga computers.  The version to be included is
Wordworth 4.0 SE and is exclusive to the Amiga computer bundle; it will not
be sold in stores.

Datastore is Digita's new personal database, first introduced in the autumn
of 1994.  Organizer is a new personal information manager (PIM) that was
released in the spring of 1995.

The inclusion of these programs with new Amiga computers demonstrates that
Amiga Technologies is serious about productivity software.  With over
100,000 people destined to receive copies of Wordworth, Datastore and
Organizer with their new Amiga computers this Christmas season, Digita's
programs will continue to be among the most popular Amiga application


Soft-Logik is pleased to announce a modest decrease in the price of
Organizer in North America.  Organizer has been one of Soft-Logik's
top-selling programs since it's introduction in the spring of this year.
The new prices are:

 $75 - the direct price for owners of other Soft-Logik programs
 $75 - the direct price for owners of On The Ball
 $85 - the direct price for any Amiga customer