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[Originally posted to Usenet.  Not really Amiga-related, but good for
"where are they now?" value, or if you'd like to try to steal source code
from someone. -Jason]

From: (VideoStream)

A new company is in the early formation by as small group of Amiga originals:

   Carl Sassenrath (Architect and designer of the Amiga Multitasking OS,
                    Designer of CDTV, Writer of AmigaLogo, Bay, etc.)
   Jim Goodnow (Cofounder of Manx, Writer of Aztec C compilers)
   Dave Morse (Cofounder Amiga, President of Amiga, Inc.)

The company is going to be doing some pretty interesting Multimedia tool
products, and we are looking for a few great software engineers.  We are
located in the mountains far north of San Francisco.

Here's the posting...   I apologize for abusing the net.  Thanks.

(PS: Please feel free to tell friends about this.  And, no, sorry we are
not bringing the Amiga back to life...  but it's a good concept.)

**** VideoStream: Have Fun, Make Money, Live in the Country

     We are offering a rare opportunity to skilled software engineers
     who are interested in developing the next step in interactive
     television, multimedia, and networked software.

     VideoStream is a cutting edge multimedia startup company whose
     founders are recognized pioneers in the industry.  We are fortunate
     to be located in scenic Mendocino County, just east of Ukiah at the
     site of a historic mineral springs resort.

**** Positions: Software Engineers Extrodinare

     -> Graphics and Compression Experts
     -> Network System Gurus (Narrowband/Broadband)
     -> User Interface & Database Specialists

     You must be extremely good at software design and programming,
     have a degree in a related field, a mathematical mind, and many
     years experience. Only the best are invited to join our company.

     Compensation is competitive and stock options are available.
     Benefits include health, dental, life insurance, on-site
     mineral baths, Olympic size swimming pool, hot tub, massage, 
     700 acres of hiking/bike trails, redwoods, lakes, rivers,
     mountains, and more fresh air than you ever thought existed.
     The company is still in its early formation stage.  Now is a good
     time to get in on the ground floor, change the world, and break
     away from living your life on the freeways of congested, smog
     filled cities.

**** Contacts:  Via EMail, US Postal, Fedex  (Please don¹t phone)

     Attention: Carl Sassenrath, President
     Address:   VideoStream, PO Box 809, Ukiah, CA 95482
     EMail: or
     Web:  (check weekly)