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==                         News & Press Releases                         ==

 Unusable Amiga Emulator   It's unusable, but in progress.

     Amiga-Link 2.0        The floppy-port networking system

    Amiga 'Pack-In's       Bundled software for new machines

      AsimCDFS 3.2         Asimware's new CD filesystem

        fMSX 0.6           The MSX emulator

     Inner-City Arts       A call for donated Amigas

      Digital Quill        The new text editor

    ShapeShifter 3.1       The Mac emulator upgraded

      UK Amiga News        PR from the recent UK conference

       VideoStream         Amiga founders move on

 Cloanto Personal Suite    A new CD of commercial software

    Digita/Soft-Logik      S-L and Digita make an announcement

    TekMagic Surfaces      The GVP successor company appears

    DKB Wildfire 060       DKB announces a 2000 060 accelerator

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