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Subject: Re:Question about Amiga World
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 95 17:12:08 PDT

Hello Jason....

I have been an Amiga Report reader for some time now (my archive goes back
as far as AR201, but I remember well, the pre-Amigaguide days).  I have
often thought of writing you, as you seem to be an authority in most Amiga
matters these days.  But, due to lack of time, vocabulary (and general
ambition), I've waited until now.  Until I had a problem that seemed
important enough to warrant a request for help.  Let me explain.

I originally had a one year subscription to the now defunct American Amiga
Magazine "Amiga World", published by IDG.  I actually received a few issues
prior to their demise and rather enjoyed them.  Then I received a postcard
in the mail indicating that "AW" was being discontinued, and that the
remainder of my subscription would be fulfilled with my choice of either
some kind of Amiga 3D graphics/Video magazine or "Amiga Format", one of
IDG's European Amiga mags.

I selected "Amiga Format", and actually received one issue--the prior
month's issue--but hey, a magazine I hadn't read already.  Well that was
back in July.  I have recieved nothing since then.

Have your heard of this phenomenon?  Were you a subscriber to "AW"?  Would
you happen to have an email address for IDG?  I do have an address for IDG
in the UK, but I thought I'd check with you and your readers first.  If
possible, would you be able to mention this in your next issue of AR to see
if I'm the only one getting this treatment?  I'm wondering if I am in the
same boat with a lot of other people.......

Keep the hard drives spinning.....

Richard Singles

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From: "Dureau, Thierry J" <>
Subject: Amiga Report Reader Mail Feedback
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 95 12:29:00 EST


I've just read the reader mail of AR315 for the second or third time and
I'm writing to comment on the concerns of Amiga users out there.

First of all, we all share in David Bias' frustration I'm sure, but I
believe we must remain optimistic that Escom wouldn't spend millions on
something just for the hell of it.  They would be looking to make money out
of it someway or another.  Judging on what has happened in the past years
(nothing), what they do can't be so bad.  They can't be that stupid not to
listen to Amiga worshippers worldwide at least a little.

Second, I think all of us at one time or another have tried to turn someone
towards purchasing or converting to Amiga.  Some Will, Some Won't, So
What............Some Will!.  Then what happens to our integrity when WE
throw in the towel.  We need to stick together.  Even though the Amiga
never becomes 'the chosen' machine of the future, if all that comes out of
this is a little worldwide Amiga community with continued hardware support
from Escom, Who Cares.  What would be the value of the Amiga platform if
everyone used it ?  We all know that something's value comes from it's

Third, we the users need to support the platform by not using pirate
software.  I believe if people had faith in the Amiga, they would fork out
money to buy software.  Right now I suppose the people's faith depends on
what Escom does in the short term.  Let's hope it's something good.

Last but not least.  As far as marketing the Amiga goes, I guess Escom's
got a challenge on their hands.  My suggestion to them is AMWAY....What?, I
hear you say, yep, good 'ol little Amway.  They turned over approximately 6
billion dollars US last financial year and big companies are beginning to
take notice.  Look at what they did for MCI.  The good thing about them is,
first, they've already established 2 million distributors worldwide with an
average growth of 20% per annum.  That's unheard of in the corporate world.
Second, they do the marketing for you and with the aid of shopping channels
in the near future (I think a CD32 set-top box might be useful here), the
Amiga could be on every television screen around the globe.  Third, you pay
Amway out of the profit you make from sales. 

I think Escom should seriously consider this suggestion before they miss
the boat and someone else jumps onto the AMWAY bandwagon.  And if you're
all wondering, yes I'm an Amway distributor who loves the Amiga.


Thierry Dureau,
Melbourne Australia.

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From: (J.Brewin 617-446-4649)
Subject: Amiga future
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 08:45:44 -0400 (EDT)


In response to the letter from David Bias (AR 3.15) about the demise of the
future of AMIGA, I am generally in agreement.  It is unfortunate that even
with the aquisition of AMIGA by ESCOM the AMIGA will soon be a fading light
in the expanse of a computer sky.  The US should definately add this
creature to it's Endangered Species List.

I still own (2) Amigas and will continue to use them until they can no
longer serve me.  It pains me greatly in saying this.  Deep in my heart of
hearts, I guess I felt this coming on, but have suppressed it for as long
as I could.  I will have to look to another platform to fill my future
needs.  (There I've said it :( )

With the advent of Win95 (ouch - that hurt) people are being bombarded with
it's (supposedly) uniqueness - HAH!  And this is what will be remembered as
the OS for their needs.  Noone will know or remember Amiga OS's greatness
because it will be lost with the passing of time.

I'm afraid ESCOM's only interest is squeezing the technology for all they
can get from it and then tossing the rind in the garbage to be hauled away
to the nearest landfill.

The Amiga will live in my memories and I will recall it's service to me
with great fondness from time to time.  Just as I recall many pleasures
from my childhood - they are now only memories - and in a like way so will
my Amiga.

Regards  Joe Brewin