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IMANDI Professional 1.0                        ©1995 Egad International
     IMANDI Professional is a versatile and powerful invoicing and
     inventory management software package for the Amiga.  IMANDI
     Professional's impressive features make complex invoicing a
     quick and simple task.  IMANDI Professional is capable of
     handling all sales of small to medium sized companies.
     Invoicing                               Inventory Management
     -Automated Parts, Labor, Travel         -Unlimited inventory databases
      Time, Mileage, Pass-Thru, and          -Inventory level tracking
      Babble entries                         -Comprehensive reports
     -Unlimited pages                        -Easy item searches
     -Multiple invoice forms                 -Sales tracking
     -Advanced discounting functions
     -Itemized taxation options              Requirements
     -Shiping taxation options
     -Unlimited customers                    -Amiga OS 2.04 or greater
     -Customer status levels                 -1.5 Megabytes of memory
     -Customer list total and discounting    -HD suggested
      tracking                               -68020+ suggested
     -Invoice Saving
     A demo is available on Aminet: (238730)
     For the months of August and September, there is a special
     introductory price in effect:
     $69.99 + S&H ($5.00 in the U.S.)  To order - Email or write to:       OR       Egad International
                                      P.O. Box 444
                                      Tolland, CT  06084