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              Digital Quill - The Next Generation In Text Editing
Digital Quill is not only brand new in the sense of it being a new product,
but it also brings a brand new attitude to text editors, and applications in
general. Quill is a user-centered design, that is to say it was designed
from the start with a high degree of usability in mind. Quill is not only
fast and friendly but full-featured as well. Here are a few of Quill's most
noteworthy features:
 . Very fast text scrolling.
 . Quick disk operations.
 . Fast find and replace.
 . Fully configurable button strip, or "SpeedBar".
 . Completely font adaptive and localized user interface.
 . Complies rigidly with Commodore's user interface style guidelines.
 . Requires at least release 2.1 of the Amiga's OS, and takes full
   advantage of release 3.x features.
 . A full array of conventional text editing features:
    - clipboard support
    - choice of true or "fake" tabs and configurable tab size
    - word wrap and auto-indent
    - bookmarks
    - case conversion
    - bracket matching, both automatic and on-demand
 . Complete context sensitive hypertext online help via AmigaGuide.
 . Extensive ARexx interface.
 . Macros can be recorded, played back or hand-written, and be assigned
   to a key combination, a pull-down menu item, or a SpeedBar button.
Digital Quill will be available September 1995 at quality Amiga dealers
everywhere with a suggested retail price of $59.95 US. For more information
contact Phantom Development LLC, P.O. Box 572, Plantsville, CT 06479.