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As an Amiga Report reader, only you'll know the secret. For a limited time, 
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first 50 orders under this sale will get a FREE limited edition printing of 
the "Amiga Report Times," autographed by Jason Compton and Dale Larson.

"The Deathbed Vigil... and other     "Connect Your Amiga! A Guide to the
tales of digital angst"              Internet, LANs, BBSs and Online Services"
$25 PAL or NTSC  (REGULARLY $35)     $20                    (REGULARLY $24.95)

"DiskSalv 3" $30 (REGULARLY $40)     "Amiga Envoy 2.0b" $40 (REGULARLY $59.95) 

                        ***  Save Nearly $70 *** 
Buy all four items above and get your choice of one $50 book for only $25!
"The Amiga Guru Book," or "The ARexx Cookbook, Deluxe Edition" [book and 
three-disk set]. Your total savings is $79.90. (Offer valid while limited 
supplies last.  Bonus book may be shipped separately via book rate, surface.)
                           *** The Secret ***
Prices are valid through the end of September, 1995, and only when you mention
"Amiga Report" while placing your order by Web, email, fax, snail mail or 
phone. A shipping and handling charge applies to all orders -- orders of up to
one of each product are shipped at a flat rate -- $5/$8 for North American 
surface/priority, elsewhere, $8/$15 for surface/Air.  IAM accepts Visa and MC,
as well as checks in US dollars payable on a US or Canadian bank.   fax +1 610 853 3733   vox +1 610 853 4406 
Intangible Assets Manufacturing, 828 Ormond Avenue, Drexel Hill, PA, 19026, USA