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     August 1995


     Published by Amiga Library Services; various photographers.


FantaSeas is a Portfolio Photo CD containing almost 300 high quality
underwater photographs.  This two CD-set contains reef shots teaming
with brilliantly colored fish, macro shots of various anemones,
detailed shots of World War II wrecks, plus much more!

Photo sites encompass the world, ranging from the walls of Grand Cayman
to the Blue Corner of Palau and from Truk Lagoon, Micronesia to Mexico's
Sea of Cortez.  As a bonus, FantaSeas includes Kodak software to play
Portfolio Photo CDs on Microsoft Windows and MacIntosh systems.

Each photograph is available in the five standard Photo CD Image Pac
resolutions of 192 x 128 to 3072 x 2048.


FantaSeas requires a Photo CD compatible CD-ROM system.  High resolution
graphics support (more than 256 colors) is highly recommended.


A sample of "thumbnail images" from FantaSeas is available on aminet
in pix/misc: (1328673)

FantaSeas is scheduled to start shipping on Aug 15th, 1995.

 FantaSeas is available from:

    AMIGA LIBRARY SERVICES                          Price: $49.95
    610 North Alma School Road, Suite 18
    Chandler, Arizona 85224-3687  USA

    CALL: (800) 804-0833 / (602) 491-0442
    FAX: (602) 491-0048


    GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH        Price: (call)
    Zimmersmuhlenweg 73
    D-61440 OBERURSEL

    Tel + 49 6171 85937
    Fax + 49 6171 8302
    E-Mail : Compuserv address 100336,1245


    Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe Gesellschaft für Software mbH
    Veronikastr. 33
    45131 Essen
    Germany                                         Price: (call)

    Phone: ++49-201-788778
    Fax ++49-201-792392


FantaSeas is Copyright © 1995 by Amiga Library Services, All Rights
Reserved.  Each individual photograph is Copyright © of the
photographer.  Photographs from FantaSeas are royalty free for
printing of up to 5000 copies per photo providing a sample of the
product using these images is sent to Amiga Library Services, along
with a statement certifying the total number of copies produced.  For
more than 5000 copies a royalty must be negotiated with author of each
photo.  Contact Amiga Library Services for further details.

No images from this Photo CD may be distributed in any other form
besides printing, including all forms of electronic distribution,
without explicit written permission from the publisher.


The sample set of images on aminet is a montage of 192x128 24-bit
color "thumbnail" images, each of which contains 72Kb of picture
information.  The full images on FantaSeas each contain 18Mb of
picture information, so you can imagine the incredible detail
available in each photo.