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The CyberGraphX system was designed to define an independant graphics
standard for graphics boards.  We also wanted to continue our development
of graphics extensions.  We could include all our knowledge of about 3
years of gfx board software development (graphics extensions for visiona,
domino, picassoII and now the cybervision64).

CyberGraphX is based on hardware dependant monitor drivers and hardware
independant libraries.  This has some advantages: Bug fixes in the graphics
extension or speed optimizations is of benefit for ALL gfx boards that are
supported by the CyberGraphX system.

CyberGraphX allows using of 15/16/24 screens independant of the used color
model.  You are able to use the cybergraphics.library functions to modify
this screens.

Currently there are versions for:  Domino
                                   GVP Spectrum
                                   Piccolo Z2/3

From now on each update will have its own version number.  We left the old
version numbering which was derived from the version number of the main
library (cybergraphics.library).  The archive is now called CGraphX20u.lha
because we changed the whole system name from CyBERgraphics to CyberGraphX.
The product has gone commercial now.  A complete archive with some features
disabled will be available in biz/demo soon.  Full versions will be
available from Softwood in US or phase5 in Germany.  More information about
that topic will follow in the complete aminet archive.

Revision V40.58
   - fixed bug in WritePixelArray8() and WriteChunkyPixels() that occured
     since 40.57

Revision V40.57
   - fixed bug in FillPixelArray
   - added faster text output again


Revision V1.26
   - optional pattern mask was ignored in >8 bit blit modes.
     now fixed

   - fixed Picasso/Piccolo/Spectrum 16 bit problems that occured
     since 1.24

Revision V1.8 (RetinaZ3)
   - added complete filling routine in 15/16/24 bit
   - fixed strange color bug in <256 colors
   - added complete filling routine in 8 bit
   - fixed enforcer hit in init code