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[Normally, we don't run the Aminet Message of the Day (MOTD), but since
it's a landmark message, it's well worth it.  That, and there's an up to
date list of Aminet sites included. -Jason]

AMINET HITS 20.000 FILES. We've crossed yet another magic border. To
celebrate this, there will be a contest where you can win 5 Aminet CDs
and a one year Aminet CD subscription, besides eternal fame :). Come
to the channel #hunt on Thursday, Aug 17th, 19:00 CET (European time),
that should be 13:00 EST. Whoever answers my puzzles the most quickly

CLIP ART INTEGRATED. 8000 clip art images can be found in the pix/clip
directory of the large mirrors now, in large archives. The readmes
contain descriptions. Other images in pix/astro, fauna, fract, sport,
vehic (vehicles) and views (countries). Sites carrying these files:

MORE USERS AT WUARCHIVE. User limit at now 400, and
the computer is faster.

AMINET CD 7 SHIPPING. It contains the new files until June 26th, plus close 
to 10.000 pictures for multimedia with a textual and graphical index. See
docs/lists/Aminet-CD-7.lha for long description and index, and send the
command HELP FREEBIES to for freebie
infos for authors of submitted software.

RATINGS PUBLISHED. The ratings of the best programs on Aminet are now
published in CHARTS . See there for instructions on how to vote. Ratings
currently stay valid for a month but are saved for bettercharts later.

These FTP sites are members of Aminet:

Location     Name                     IP Address      Path         Files
USA (MO)     pub/aminet/    ALL
USA (WI)      pub/aminet/    ALL
Scandinavia        pub/aminet/    ALL
Switzerland      pub/aminet/    ALL
Switzerland   pub/aminet/   1000
Germany pub/aminet/    ALL
Germany    pub/aminet/    ALL
Germany    cd  aminet    4000
Germany     pub/aminet/   7000
Germany    pub/aminet/   4500
Germany    pub/aminet/   4000
Germany  pub/aminet/   4000
Germany   pub/aminet/   3000
Germany    pub/aminet/   2500
Germany   pub/aminet/   2000
Germany      pub/aminet/   1500
Germany    pub/aminet/   1500
Germany     pub/aminet/    700
France      pub/aminet/   8000
Portugal       pub/aminet/   2000
UK    pub/aminet/    ALL
UK     pub/aminet/   8500

Aminet also includes all Fish disks and the former boing archive.

Send HELP to to learn about our mail
services like finding stuff and uploading.

For information on how to make your upload appear in this posting and the 
other file lists available, read the pub/aminet/README on our sites.