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August 1995


Published by Amiga Library Services


FrozenFish August 1995 is a PC compatible ISO-9660 level 1 CD-ROM
containing all 1100 currently released "Fish Disks" (100 more than
the original April 1994 version) plus selected material from the
latest FreshFish CD.  This multi-platform CD is fully readable on
all systems, including Amiga, MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2, MacIntosh, and

FrozenFish is BBS ready.  Each of the 16 directories on the CD
contains a FILES.BBS file which BBS programs can use to provide user
access to the CD contents.  There is one lha archive per "Fish Disk",
along with a CRC file that can be used to verify the contents of
any disk recreated from these archives.

Other lha archives on FrozenFish include 102 Mb of animations and
graphics utilities, 74 Mb of pictures, 16 Mb of games and related
material, and the CBM Native Developer Update Kits V37, V39, & V40
(except for the autodoc files).


FrozenFish August 1995 is in stock and available for immediate

Users who purchased the earlier CD-R (CD Recordable) prerelease
versions from Amiga Library Services can receive a free update to
the production version by sending $5 for shipping and handling to
Amiga Library Services.


 FrozenFish August 1995 is available from:

    AMIGA LIBRARY SERVICES                          Price: $24.95
    610 North Alma School Road, Suite 18
    Chandler, Arizona 85224-3687  USA

    CALL: (800) 804-0833 / (602) 491-0442
    FAX: (602) 491-0048
Cash, Check, money order, Visa, MasterCard accepted.


    GTI Grenville Trading International GmbH        Price: (call)
    Zimmersmuhlenweg 73
    D-61440 OBERURSEL

    Tel + 49 6171 85937
    Fax + 49 6171 8302
    E-Mail : Compuserv address 100336,1245


    Stefan Ossowski's Schatztruhe Gesellschaft für Software mbH
    Veronikastr. 33
    45131 Essen
    Germany                                         Price: (call)

    Phone: ++49-201-788778
    Fax ++49-201-792392


The FrozenFish compilation is Copyright © 1995 by Amiga Library
Services, All Rights Reserved.  FrozenFish(TM) is a trademark of Amiga
Library Services.

Amiga Includes and Development Tools Versions 2.0-3.1 are distributed
under license and are Copyright (C) 1985-1993 Commodore-Amiga Inc, All
Rights Reserved.  They may be copied or downloaded from the CD for
personal use, but may not be redistributed.

Individual files from FrozenFish may be freely distributed providing
they are not restricted by the authors (the CBM files for example).
Other restrictions imposed by the individual authors may apply (see
the CD-ROM files for details).