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JULY 25, 1995


The complete cross platform guide to digital video and multimedia
production for those using an Amiga computer is now available in a special
offer at a significant savings.  Eighteen megabytes of data, over 100
freely distributable interactive programs and utilities, over 100,000 words
by Geoffrey Williams describing everything from how to translate file
formats between different computers to the basics of 3D animation. 

It will keep your Amiga an active part of your work environment, even if
you now primarily use a Mac or PC, and will provide you with many utilities
that will never be made available commercially.

This is a digital book, with search capabilities, an easy to use interface,
and direct access to all of the programs from the text.  You never have to
use the Workbench or a CLI to launch a program, or worry about how to make
a program work or set it up or install it- click a button in the text and
the program is launched.  IGDVM installs easily from compressed floppy

Now just $40!!! 

That's cheaper than if you were to buy equivalent shareware disks, without
the complete guide and without the hypertext interface.  An incredible
price for an incredible resource.  Why so cheap?  While the Amiga market
continues, I had to move on to other things during the long period of
uncertainty.  With the loss of so many advertising and distribution
channels, there is no real way to make any money off of this project,
despite hundreds of hours of work.  My loss is your gain, as I'm selling at
a giveaway price, so that at least some of you will be able to take
advantage of all it has to offer.

Here's a listing of the contents:

Animation- Introduction to how computers create animation.  How to get the
fastest animation play back, including design tips and information on hard
drive play back and various hardware options.  The basic animation formats
on Amiga, PC, and Mac.  Includes tools to edit animations, translate them
into different file formats, and play them back, including directly from
the hard drive to play animations larger than memory.

Sound- The importance of sound design.  Sound manipulation and editing
basics.  Copyright laws and fair use.  Sound formats on Mac, PC, and Amiga.
Synchronizing sound to video.  Includes utilities to translate sound file
formats, edit sounds, synchronize sounds to animation, and create sounds. 

Music- Music and copyright law.  Algorithmic music generation.  MIDI
basics.  Music resources for buy-out and licensed music.  Includes
utilities to playback, create, and compose music. 

Compression- How compression works.  Com- pression standards on different
computer platforms.  Includes utilities for compression and decompression
as well as compression tools for non-24 bit images.

Fonts- The basics of font design.  Font formats on all computer platforms.
Using fonts in video titling.  Font layout tips.  Includes 30 scaleable
video fonts. 

Clip Art- Types of clip art.  Organizing your clip art collections. 
Copyright issues.  How to use clip art in video, even if it was designed
for print.  How to make dithered clip art look like 24 bit.  Clip art
resource guide.  Includes almost 2 megabytes of clip art.

Image Processing- Basic image processing capabilities and how to use them.
File formats on Mac, PC and Amiga and conversion issues.  The merging of
paint and image processing features.  Some advantages of Amiga image
processing programs that might make you hold onto your Amiga a little
longer.  Morphing tips.  Copyright laws as they pertain to the manipulation
of images.  Also included is a great image processing program that can do
effects over time for animation, and includes some very neat effects not
available in commercial programs.  You also get a great morphing program,
which can also do animation and even handle moving morphs (where you morph
two different animations or moving video sequences).  There are also
utilities that will convert most image file formats on the PC and Mac to
Amiga format and back.

Algorithmic Image Generation- An explanation of how computers generate
images using mathematical algorithms.  You also get utilities for
generating fractal clouds and scenery, Brownian motion, Mandelbrot and
Julia Sets, Lyapunov space, DLA fractals, iterated functions, and much

3D Animation- Basic 3D terminology.  Single frame recording.  Rendering
services resource guide.  Real time playback options.

Video Basics- How video works.  Sync and TBCs.  Keying.  Computer graphics
and potential problems with their translation to video.  Monitor adjustment
and video signal testing.  Time Code.  Video Toaster basics.  Resource
guide to Video Toaster utilities.  Resource guide to video editing
software.  Resource guide to Amiga video hardware.  What you need to set up
your own video editing bay, with options for a variety of budgets.
Includes video utilities and test screens. 

Digital Video- Introduction to non-linear editing.  Round-up of hardware,
including NewTek's Flyer.  The limitations and mythology behind non-linear

CD-ROM- How the CD-ROM market is developing.  How to create your own
CD-ROMs.  How to get your film developed directly onto Photo-CD, and the
advantages of the Photo-CD format.  Resource guide to CD-ROMs.  Includes
utilities for loading Photo-CD images, a CD-ROM file system, and audio

Planning and Organizing Multimedia Presentations- Flow charts. 
Storyboarding.  Hardware selection.  Laser disc and video.  Preparing the
graphics.  Preparing the audio.  Programming.  How to save money at every
step.  Multimedia and presentation programs.

The Business End- Setting up shop.  What to charge.  Costing out a project.
Contracts.  The Business Plan.  Creating a demo reel.  Creating inexpensive
but impressive customized promotional pieces.  Negotiation basics.  The
Sales Meeting market.  Future opportunities in digital video, digital book
publishing, entertainment, and cable. 

Resource Guides- Information on suppliers of hardware, software, production
music, CD-ROM mastering services, slide transfer services, rendering
services, stock photos and video, Photo-CD, magazines, trade shows and
conferences, and much more.

About the Author

Geoffrey Williams is a multimedia producer who has created video and
interactive presentations on a global scale.  He's created interactive
banking kiosks in China, a Russian based video to promote international
trade, and interactive surgery with Canada's leading eye surgeon.  He has
written dozens of Amiga product reviews in most of the major Amiga
magazines, as well as numerous feature articles.  He has been a
contributing editor to Digital Video Magazine and Desktop Video World, and
an associate editor with Video Toaster User Magazine.  He is an expert on
Amiga public domain programs, having written a monthly column on the
subject for the last three years for Video Toaster User, and having
produced disk collections since 1989, including the 40 highly acclaimed
Amiga Video-Graphics Guild disks.

To order, send $40 plus $3 for shipping and handling to: CBP, 1833 Verdugo
Vista Drive, Glendale, CA, 91208.  Voice: (818) 240-9845.  EMail:

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