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Kai Hofmann (

A portable ANSI-C/C++ library that gives you low level functions for
date calculations.
Includes the following features:

- Support for six different date/time measurement systems:
  Julian, Gregorian, Heis, Julian Day, Modified Julian Day,
  Scaliger Year (other systems will follow).
- Month/Weekday and other date/time string support for 12 languages.
- Support for different countries (implementation not finished!).
- Calculating leap years.
- Functions to calculate the days of a month or a year or between
  two dates.
- Functions to calculate the weeknumber and the weekday.
- Check the validity of a date.
- Calculating Easter.
- Comparing dates.
- Powerfull functions to handle differences between dates.
- Transformations from one time measurement system to the others.
- Calculating your local time zone out of your position on the earth.
- Calculating the age of the moon and the moon phase.
- Check the validity of a time.
- Comparing times.
- Transforming 24h time format into seconds and back.
- Transforming 24h time format to Julian Day time format and back.
- Powerfull textengine for creating date/time strings in different
  languages, that supports nearly all features of the date library.
- A C++ class concept, which makes it very easy to use the complex
  functionality of the date library.
- Autodoc describing all functions in the library.
- Including ANSI-C/C++ sources and test example.

- Better code
- Bug fixes
- More C++ support
- Fixing type conversion bugs
- Better Autodocs
- Supporting more languages
- Functions for checking validity of dates/times
- Julian calendar is stable since 8 and NOT since -7!
- Textengine
- DateClass (basic concept)

ANSI-C or/and C++ Compiler.

And all other Aminet sites.

And all other SimTel sites.

Actual beta versions (for all systems) are available from:

For NON-COMMERCIAL USE this is Giftware!
(Non-commercial includes Giftware and Shareware!)

Permission for COMMERCIAL USE is only given by an extra available
commercial license that must be validated!
Contact me directly for this license, because it will be individually
handed out per your needs!

But in both cases you have to follow the two guidelines below:

1) You *must* include the following notice in your product and in
   your documentation:
   "This software uses the date library that is copyrighted 1994-95
    by Kai Hofmann"

2) You "must" send me a full version of your product at no cost
   including free updates!

You can copy and distribute this library as long as you do not take
more than $5 for one disk or $40 for one CD!