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     Image Engineer 2.0


     Simon Edwards


Image Engineer is an image processing application.  It can be
used for performing tasks ranging from converting images to
different file formats, rendering 24 bit images down to
standard Amiga screen modes, enhancing badly scanned images and
applying complex distortions and textures.

- Coded in 100% 68020 Assembler
- Multiple image editing
- All processing is done in 8 bit grey or 24 bit colour
- Fully integrated Arexx support, 74 Arexx commands.
- Uses superview.library for loading and saving. Superview
  currently supports IFF ILBM, IFF ACBM, PCX, SVO, GIF, BMP, FBM,
  C64 (Koala, Doodle), IMG, TIFF, Targa, WPG, SunRaster, Pictor,
  MacPaint, JPEG and more.
- Can display images using superview.library. superview.library
  currently supports EGS and OpalVision, Retina, Picasso,
  CyberGraphics and more...
- Supports AGA where available.
- Render images to standard Amiga screen modes including HAM6 and
- Dither images using Floyd-Steinberg, Burkes, Stucki, Sierra,
  Jarvis and Stevenson-Arce error diffusion algorithms.
- Image Composition with Alpha channels.
- User Definable Convolves
- Image balance control, brightness, contrast, gamma,
- Extensive filtering control, lowpass (blur), highpass, sharpen,
- Image Scaling, Crop, Autocrop, Reflect, Negative, Contrast
  Stretch, False Colour, Convert to Colour, Convert to Grey,
  Local Contrast Stretch.


- Major bug fixes, now works under OS 2.04 and non-AGA machines
- Hue and saturation control.
- Maximum & minimum filtering.
- Rotate image
- Remove feature effect
- Halftone effects
- Twirl effect
- Bulge effect
- Displace Pixels using Alpha channels effect


- 68020 or higher processor.
- OS V2.04+
- 2Mb of RAM bare minimum, at least 4Mb recommended.
- Reqtools.library installed.
  Available by FTP/Internet: AmiNet and mirrors
- Superview-Library installed.
  Available by FTP/Internet: AmiNet and mirrors


FTP/Internet: AmiNet and mirrors
(555924 Bytes)

Available via WWW on the Image Engineer Support Page:




Freeware.  Freely distributable as long as no charge is made for
it other than a small fee for the cost of the media.
Copyright 1995 Simon Edwards.  All rights reserved.


Information about the current status of Image Engineer, work in
progress and on-line documentation is available on the WWW.