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    Bruce Webster



1 or 2 player arcade game.
It's a bit like Thrust, only much better.

For the uninitiated:

  You fly around in a one-engine ship, killing things that shoot
  at you and finding your way past various obstacles to collect
  some cargo.  You then take that back to your base to complete a

  Or you could play dogfight, and just blast the other player to

This game has:

* 1 or 2 player missions and dogfight levels

* 15 different ships to buy - all with their own ammo, range,
    shield, mass, cargo capacity, fuel efficiency, response,
    engine power, etc.     (the demo version only has 12 ships)

* lots of nasty things- chain guns, dish-guns, missile launchers,
                        radio-guns, etc, etc.  Less stuff than the
                        REGISTERED version, though.

* shields  You can rebound off the walls, take hits, etc.

* damage After losing all your shield, blinky lights and "Warning" voice
  may tell you that you have stabiliser damage, fuel blockage, power
  failure, turbine overheat, launch failure and/or a burst fuel valve.  It
  is difficult to fly your ship by that stage, but it's quite amusing to

* lots of firepower - some ships can fire 60 bullets per second.

* homing missiles   - you have them, but so does the enemy!

* deflectors, water, gravitational attractors, fans, teleporters, lifts...

* various doors, buttons and switches.

* neat sound effects

* nifty side-by-side two-player mode.  (instead of skinny rectangles above
  one another)

* 60 frames per second screen update

* decent graphics (for non-AGA at least)

Tested on:  A500, A1000, A1200, A2000, A4000...


It works on any 1meg amiga - although bullets can slow down on
68000 machines (everthing else stays at 60fps).


R3 is available on Aminet as the archive "R3_demo.lha" in the
game/demo directory.  For example:    (397452)


Shareware Registration costs 10 pounds sterling or US$15 or NZ$20.
That includes P&P.  The equivalent in other major currencies
should also be OK.

Registration gets you a (very nice) level editor, lots of levels
(over 90), more baddies/traps/features in the game and another
great (previously unreleased) game called "Tritus".  Yes, you get
TWO games.


The demo version archive is freely distributable.

The demo and registered version are (C) 1995 Bruce Webster.