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    Yann-Erick Proy

    e-mail : or

CompilAIBB is a collection of small files, called modules, created
with the AIBB software from Peter Lamonte Koop.

AIBB (Amiga Intuition Based Benchmarks) enables you to :

  1- Check the hardware and software setup of your Amiga :

    + processor kind : 68000, 68020, 68030, ...
    + its frequency : 14 MHz, 33 MHz, ...
    + possible presence of mathematics coprocessor
    + specialized chipset identification : Agnus, Alice, ...
    + possible presence of expansion boards
    + Kickstart version, i.e. system version : 37.175, 40.63, ...
    + system main libraries versions : exec.library,
      graphics.library, ...
    + Kickstart locations : ROM or RAM
    + ...

  2- Evaluate the computing performances of your Amiga and
     compare it to others :

    + AIBB includes 20 different tests (integer, graphics,
      floating point, memory access, ...)
    + AIBB achieves comparisons by storing and retrieving the
      results of these tests in a very small file : a module.

This is the 1.1 version of CompilAIBB, constituted of modules
(86) made with 6.0 or newer versions of AIBB. It features lots
of 68030 accelerator boards for the A1200 and the A2000, 68040
accelerators boards for the A2000 and the A4000 and a 68060
prototype board for the A4000. Some boards are represented twice
or more with little differences as the Kickstart version,
Kickstart relocation, caches status, etc. Quick module
identification is now provided by the mean of the AmigaDOS file
comment (sender name and setup summary).

A big AmigaGuide documentation is provided with an inventory of
these modules and instructions to provide the author with new
ones. It is available in english (well, sort of...) and french.
Most (if not all) of the bugs of the 1.0 guide files have been
removed and a product index has been added.

The AIBB modules require the 6.0 or newer version of AIBB.

The AmigaGuide documentation  require either the Amigaguide
software included in the 3.0 (V39) or 3.1 (V40) Amiga system
or the standalone Amigaguide V34 package.

Maximum efficiency can be obtained from the documentation if your
humour board is plugged in...


CompilAIBB is available on Aminet in 'util/moni' (as AIBB) :

CompilAIBB is free. If you use it, the author would appreciate
from you that you send him a nice postcard from where you live
(only one did, currently... :-( thanks New Zealand !).

CompilAIBB may be freely distributed on condition that :

  1- the original form under which its author has published it is
     respected ;

  2- the price asked for its diffusion is not more than usually
     asked for Fish floppies ($3, 15 FF, etc) or CDs ($30, 200
     FF, etc) ;

  3- diffusion may stop immediately if asked so by the author.

CompilAIBB is Copyright 1994, 1995 Yann-Erick Proy.

If you have restricted access to Internet (no FTP) you may require
that CompilAIBB is sent to you by e-mail at every release.
To suscribe to this service, send the author an EMPTY message of
which the subject is "CompilAIBB by e-mail". There is no warranty
you will ever receive CompilAIBB this way : the author may be
prevented to do so by many reasons.
If you suscribed to this service when previous versions were
released you should be contacted for a new delivery AFTER the
Aminet new release and the corresponding annoucement. Please be