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     Amiga E
     3.2a (update to 3.1a).
Wouter van Oortmerssen (
This is a major update to v3.1a. Main novelties include a .library
link mode and a much enhanced source level debugger (EDBG). For those
who have never seen E before:

E is a powerful and flexible object oriented / procedural / unpure
functional higher programming language, mainly influenced by
languages such as C++, Ada, Lisp etc., and Amiga E a very fast
compiler for it, with features such as speed of >20000 lines/minute
on a 7 Mhz amiga, inline assembler and linker integrated into
compiler, large set of integrated functions, great module concept
with v40 includes as modules, flexible type-system, quoted
expressions, immediate and typed lists, parametric and inclusion
polymorphism, exception handling, inheritance, data-hiding,
methods, multiple return values, default arguments, register
allocation, fast memory management, unification, LISP-Cells,
gui-toolkit, (macro-) preprocessor, very intuitive and powerful
source-level debugger, easy .library linking, and much more...

and optionally: (464646)
This _distribution_ is Freeware. It contains only a limited
compiler, a registered compiler is available separately.