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Joseph Thomas     


The new Fitter V2.11 is a program that automates the copying
of files from your hard drive to floppy disks, although any
device(s) can be used as a source and destination.  Free up
your well needed hard drive space and let Fitter automatically
keep track of where your files are for easy retreival.  Fitter
is ideal if you collect GIFs, MODs, demos, programs,
etc. while on the 'net or your on-line service.


Note that Fitter V2.11 contains no enhancements (over V2.1).
It is a maintenance release to V2.1, containing very
significant bug fixes.  See the HISTORY section of the
documentation for these.

Expect to see the following enhancements in V2.1 over V2.0:

o Disk usage options:  The Fitter Add Files routine has been
enhanced so that you can select: 1. to use only new disks
(formatting each one), 2. to use only disks already in your
catalog for copying new files to, or 3. a combination of 1 and

o Dynamic disk labeling: You can now keep your disks write
protected while adding them to your Fitter catalog!  In this
version, Fitter keeps track of each individual volume label,
and has a disk relabeling feature, for when you want to rename
your disks.

o Write enable flag:  You can now flag each disk in your
catalog as writeable (or not writable), so that the Add Files
procedure knows whether or not it can use a disk or not for
copying new files to.

o New catalog dumping (exporting) option!  Create an ASCII
dump of your Fitter catalog, sorting by file name, file size,
or by disk contents.

o Menus (and menu hotkeys) now available from the main window.

o And more, including bug fixes!


Any Amiga with WB2.x or greater.  Hard drive or other mass
storage device reccomended.

amigaguide.library required in order to use on-line help.


Fitter is available on aminet:


Shareware, $7 US.


Fitter V2.11 and its manual are Copyright 1995 by Joseph
Thomas.  Fitter V2.11 is freely distributable.