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     JACOsub 2.4 - professional shareware video titling/subtitling


Alex Matulich
1515 Jefferson Davis Hwy #820
Arlington, VA 22202-3311

phone:  703-413-0125


JACOsub is designed for displaying timed sequences of titles and
graphics over a video.  Professional-quality output and flexibility
have been the primary goals since the program's inception.  It was
originally written for the Japanese Animation Club of Orlando (JACO)
to lay English subtitles over Japanese-language films and TV shows.
The program grown in popularity due to its flexible script format,
clean multi-buffered title transitions, and other features:

 *  Non-sequential events.  Title time ranges may overlap.

 *  Fully integrated text-based script editor with optional user interface
    for title appearance attributes, and mouse-positioning of titles.

 *  Handles all kinds of time units: SMPTE, 1/100 second units, etc.

 *  Timing script file format allows comments, blank lines, text directives,
    global configuration commands, and inclusions of other scripts.

 *  Complete script-based control over text position, margins, font, style,
    colors, palettes, backshadow, word-wrapping, justification, genlock
    fades, etc.

 *  Real-time script timing procedure allows timng of scripts in small
    sections, and in independent tracks.  The program offers intelligent
    calculation of title end times and forced gaps, leaving you free to
    concentrate only on title start times during timing.

 *  IFF pictures/brushes may be displayed independently or with titles.

 *  Multi video buffering and page switching.  Images appear instantly
    during the vertical CRT blanking interval.

 *  "On the fly" time shift and drift adjustments while script is playing.

 *  Support for ARexx, AGA, and several 3rd-party script formats.


Version 2.4 introduces a user interface for title appearance
attributes, plus other minor features and bugfixes.  The file
CHANGES.TXT in the archive documents all version differences.


At least 1.5 megabytes of memory (e.g. 512K chip, 1M fast)
Two storage devices (e.g. 2 floppies, floppy+HD, flopy+RAMdisk)
OS version 2.0 or greater

Absolute minimum:
1 megabyte memory with one storage device
OS version 1.3 (requires a colortext driver and req.library; not
included).  Some features unavailable under 1.3.


  FTP:  (263267)

Also on Aminet sites with .lha extension, for example


Send email to and include this single line
in the body of your message:

send jcosub24.lzh

...and the archive will be emailed to you in multiple uuencoded


Shareware price for noncommercial use: $24
Price for commercial use is $169, negotiable.


Shareware, unregistered version freely distributable
Copyright 1995 by Alex Matulich & Unicorn Research Corporation