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==                     FTP and Product Announcements                     ==

     Aminet Charts       Aminet CHARTS/Ratings, July 30th

     Aminet Charts       Aminet CHARTS/Ratings, August 6th

     Aminet Charts       Aminet CHARTS/Ratings, August 13th

   asl.library 42.0      Replacement requester library

      SqOpal 1.3         OpalVision graphics viewer

    CompilAIBB 1.1       A collection of AIBB machines

          R3             A lot like Thrust

   ACE/gr Amiga 2.3      Data/function plotting tool

  Image Engineer 2.0     Image processing suite

    GUICreator 1.2       Build GUIs under 3.x

   BBCpuUpgrade 1.0      Instructions on upgrading 386 BB's

  date.library 33.158    Low-level date calculation functions

      NetMail 1.0        For TCP e-mailing

      JACOsub 2.4        Subtitling!

       Yak 2.03          Multi-purpose commodity

     Fitter 2.11         Automated copying program

   AmiWin 2.0 demo       X11R6 package for AmigaDOS

 Xfig 1.5 (X11 v3.1.3)   Structured drawing tool

     CyberShow 4.2       Slideshow program for CyberGraphX

     Amiga E 3.2a        Update to the E language

   Guidemaster 1.2       Replaces AmigaGuide for speed

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