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                             WHAT'S NEW AT TVI
  Duncan Fraser                               

[Duncan Fraser, late of Commodore Canada, now serves as vice-president and
general manager of TVI, a Canadian multimedia development company.  His
company submitted it for inclusion...-Jason]

Duncan's Trip to Germany!

We have recently contracted with "Think Video Interactive" which will do
R&D and marketing on behalf of TVI.  As the President and CEO of Think
Video, I was recently in Germany representing both companies in meetings
with ESCOM AG and Amiga Technologies.

TVI is an Amiga (as well as Windows) developer, and we use the Amiga in our
development work and production units, so this was an important meeting for
us.  Our discussions were fruitful and I can let you know that I am pleased
with the direction that the Amiga family will be taking.  Of particular
interest to us was, of course, that the Amiga continues to be available and
that there was a commitment to its development.  I left Germany convinced
that both issues are in the positive.

As we are an Internet and WWW Provider, I was especially pleased that our
meetings included Jozsef Bugovics, the technical director at ESD, a group
that have designed an electronic credit card which will provide secure
transactions through the Internet.  This hardware product for secure
transaction processing has a tremendous potential to change the use of the
WWW and create a whole new business structure.

Think Video is also developing an ATM layer for the CD32 game console that
will allow it to become a full-fledged set top box for any
transaction-based system.  The Amiga operating system, its dedicated chip
set, an ATM layer, and secure transactions should provide any content
provider with a low cost set top box with which to deliver his message. 
Whether that provider needs full-blown ATM or not, the use of Amiga
technology will allow Think Video to provide cost effective systems for set
top applications to online banking systems.


Our programming group has initiated relationships with other developers
throughout the world who are interested in accelerating the development of
Java for the Amiga.  More information will be announced about this project
as it develops...

[More information, including pictures from Duncan's trip to Escom, can be
found on their website,]