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                     pcmcom.device: The Author Speaks
  Erik Quackenbush                   

[Many months ago, pcmcom.device, a driver to allow the use of popular
PCMCIA modems with PCMCIA-equipped Amigas, was announced.  Shortly
thereafter, I was contacted by two people who were having difficulties
obtaining the program from its author.  Money was involved and the people
were rather upset.  Finally, I was successful in raising the author, Erik
Quackenbush of Scala.  The edited text of his e-mail to me follows.
Hopefully, this will help clear the air. -Jason]

>There are some distressed people waiting for pcmcom.device from you.  I
>keep hearing from them, and haven't been successful getting through to
>you to tell you about it.  So I'm telling you.


Thank you for your message.  I appreciate you taking the time to get
involved.  PCMCOM is a hobby of mine-I did it for fun, and I barely need
two digits to count the number sales I've had.

I am aware of two customers who are anxiously awaiting a new version of
PCMCOM- Mike Miller and Alan Redhouse (of Eyetech/U.K.).  The new version
is not ready yet- it is long overdue, and I am guilty of spending too much
time at my real job and not trying harder to solve their problems.  If
there are other people waiting for this update they have either not
contacted me or I incorrectly assumed that they were satisfied with my

I also have three customers who have unfilled PCMCOM orders: Ring Video
Systems(Illinois), CD Video (Canada), and Corrie Dixon (Brisbane).  Only
Mr.  Dixon's order is prepaid, and I am emailing the old version to him

There are also a couple of people who have requested free review copies,
including Denny Atkin.  I plan to get them the new version once it is

If you're aware of anyone else who is waiting for an update or a delivery,
please let them know that they aren't on my list.  Please feel free to give
them this email address.  They can also fax me at (610)277-9006.

People who have been waiting can:

1.  Request a full refund.  I will issue it promptly.   Nobody has done
this yet.

2.  Request an old version.  I will send it out, but it may not work with
their hardware, and I don't have a new version yet.

3.  Wait for the new version.  It is late, but I made no guarantee of a
delivery date or of compatibility with all existing hardware.