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May 24, 1995

For Immediate Release

Laughing Cat Records is announcing the debut release of "The Music Maker"
CD, a 10 song collection of contemporary New Age music by John Mc Donough.
The program material ranges from the gentle flute-piano sounds of the
title track to the progressively alternative edged tracks such as "An
Irish Melody" and "An Okinawa Dream".  "The Rain", a piano piece with
subtle dynamics touts a neo-classical air.  As an instrumental effort the
album stays close to the listener in an uplifting spirit as presented in
the tracks "Castle Maine" and "The Eyes Hear All". 

All songs on this debut CD were written, arranged and co-produced by the
composer.  Studio recording, engineering and co-production were provided
by John Cittrich of Two-Real Productions.  CD insert and back cover photos
were taken by Diane Mc Donough. 

The artist, John Mc Donough was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in September
of 1958.  He grew up in Bayonne, New Jersey moved to Hackettstown, New
Jersey at the age of 10 years and now resides in Wanaque, NJ with his wife
Diane.   John began playing the piano when he was 7 years old and was
trained in classical and jazz stylings.  John is a regular on the music
scene in the New York-New Jersey area and has performed as
keyboardist/vocalist/guitarist in bands such as The Party Dolls,
Flashback, Waterfront, Voices, The Thrill, The Click, Bobby Curtis Trio,
Indian Summer and Urban Cactus as well as many hours in the studio as a
session player.  His television experience includes performance and music
production for MTV's "Unplugged" Spoken Word Special in April 1994.
Having been Influenced by artists such as Billy Joel and Elton John in the
rock/pop genre who have classical training themselves, John's resulting
piano/songwriting style shows a refreshing blend of the old and new
musical flavors.  Formerly only exhibited in movie/film sound- tracks and
other alternative sources, New Age music has been gaining in popularity in
the recent years and is well established as a music form.   "The Music
Maker" is a fine addition to anyone's music library for their listening


The equipment Mc Donough used to compose the album includes-

2 Amiga 500s (7mhz) in a MIDI hookup to a mobile recording unit
        Master Tracks Pro (Latest Version)
        KCS 3.5 w/Level II (For those tough edits!)
        Copyist v1.6 (notation)
        Clarity 16 Sample Edit Software (not bad for the price)
        Pagestream 2.2 (layout and proofing)
        Imagine 3.0 (Cover texture design)
        Final Writer (word processing)
        DPaint IV (preliminary art design)
        BME 3.0 (image processing)


Laughing Cat Records
1356 Ringwood Ave.
Haskell, NJ 07420
RE: "The Music Maker"

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