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Author: Travis Riggs

Aminet Filename: AdventureDesig.lha  under games/role

     This program is by far the easiest game creator available for the
Amiga today!  With Adventure Design System, you can create any type of
role playing game you can imagine.  Anything from the typical D&D style
game, to a space adventure game, or even a spy game!  Whatever you want!

     ADS is so easy to use, and you can put a decent game together in a
matter of minutes.  You don't need to have any programming experience.  ADS
also has an on-line help feature that will answer any questions who might
have about designing your game.  If that wasn't enough, ADS also checks your
game for errors!  Very nice!

     The basic concept works very well.  You create "Objects" and
"Creatures" and then place them into "Rooms" that you design in your game
layout.  Then ADS takes care of the rest!  You can use any standard IFF
picture or sound to include in your game.  You can attach pictures and
sounds to creatures, rooms, objects, keyevents, etc.  It even supports AGA!

     Adventure Design System is Shareware.  With the registered version you
will be able to save out your games as STAND ALONE, and freely
distributeable games!  You can't find a more powerful games creator for less

To receive a registered copy of Adventure Design System send $ 20 U.S.
dollars, plus $ 5.00 shipping & handling to:

Spectrum Video
1039 Sterling Road        1-(703) 471-5001 in Virginia and outside U.S.
Suite # 104-B             1-(800) 471-5001 Toll Free inside the U.S
Herndon VA 22070
Attn: Travis

     Some of Travis' other credits include:  Composite Studio Profeesional
(Copyright 1995 Dimension Technologies), Bikini Karate Babes, and many
others including current FMV CDRom projects and other commercial software
for the Amiga!