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Announcing Personal Paint 6.3 for the Amiga

Personal Paint is a powerful and intuitive paint, image processing,
animation and 24-bit printing package.  Employ stunning effects like
transparencies, emboss, water-colors and stereograms (as in "Magic Eye"),
while virtual memory frees precious Chip RAM by using other storage
resources!  Plus: support of RTG graphics cards, different file formats
(IFF, PNG, PCX, encrypted, C source code, DataTypes etc.), nine brushes,
two independent working environments, multi-level Undo/Redo, animation
storyboard, Bizier curves, autoscroll painting, professional color
reduction, superior text editor, color fonts, PostScript output, screen
grabber, ARexx...

Features of Personal Paint 6.3 Include:

- First paint program worldwide to support the new PNG (Portable Network
  Graphics) file format.  Includes an ARexx script to convert GIFs to PNG.

- Animation (featuring a storyboard, superior compression, multiple
  palettes, frame-by-frame timing, ANIM-5/7/8 and hybrid formats, etc.)

- Sophisticated "behind the scenes" memory management, including virtual
  memory (swaps inactive image data to Fast RAM and disk storage) and
  multiple levels of undo and redo

- New, faster image processing effects, including transparencies, alpha
  channel and single image stereograms (both SIRDS and custom pattern
  stereograms, as in "Magic Eye")

- Support of Retargetable Graphics (display cards like the Picasso,
  Retina, Piccolo, Rainbow, EGS, Talon, Cybergraphics etc.)

- Animation on RTG display cards (with or without double-buffering)

- Direct, high quality 24-bit printing (Color and Black & White) and
  interface to third-party software such as Studio Print Server

- Professional and fast modes for converting 24-bit pictures (IFF, PNG,
  PCX, PBM etc.) to 256 colors or less

- HAM, HAM8 and Picasso 24-bit viewer active during color reduction

- External input/output modules (loaders and savers) for easy extensions
  and upgrades. Modules for IFF, PNG, PCX, PBM, Amiga DataTypes and
  several others are included. GIF module is available from public
  domain sources.

- Support and editing of IFF, PNG and GIF project annotations (Author,
  Copyright and Comment fields, plus Amiga filenotes)

- Autoscroll painting

- Workbench Application Icon (Drag and Drop)

- Basic set of ARexx commands for presentations, format conversions and

- ASL-compatible file requester

- More power through machine language code: the software is in part up
  to 500% faster

- "New Look" user interface

- A collection of utilities, including color fonts, new DeskJet printer
  drivers (up to four inks) and JPEG DataType


- 1 Mbyte RAM, 1 disk drive required; 1 Mbyte of Chip RAM recommended

- Amiga Kickstart from 1.2, Amiga Workbench from 1.3

- Actively exploits 2.x and 3.x operating systems, FPU, CPU Cache RAM and
  RTG boards

- JPEG DataType requires at least 68020 CPU

For more information please contact:

Cloanto Italia srl                          Tel +39 432 545902
PO Box 118                                  Fax +39 432 609051
33100 Udine                                 Bbs +39 432 545905
Italy                          E-mail <>