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| The most downloaded files from Aminet during the week until 29-May-95
| Updated weekly. Most popular file on top.
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
ar310.lha          docs/mags   81K   1+Amiga Report 3.10, May 17, 1995
VMM_V3_1.lha       util/misc  230K   0+Virtual memory for Amigas with MMU
flick-1.5.lha      gfx/show    77K   0+OCS/ECS/AGA/EGS/CyBERgfx FLI/FLC vie
GoldED303.lha      text/edit  860K   0+Programmer's editor with many featur
fview147.lha       gfx/show    84K   0+FastView for IFF/GIF/BMP/JPG/PCX
ANews18.lha        docs/mags  168K   0+AmyNews #18; info on new Amiga produ
FingerInfo10.lha   comm/net     2K  49+Finger useful/interesting sites
VGA_Hack.lha       hard/hack    7K   0+Connect VGA-monitor to Amiga RGB
VChck654.lha       util/virus 123K   1+Version 6.54 of Virus_Checker. Amiga
ImageStudio_2.lha  gfx/conv   366K   0+Image processing program v2.1.0 Part
a1400.lha          game/gag    66K   0+First picture of the new A1400
AquaSim1_0.lha     misc/sci   281K   1+3D Aquarium Simulator (Uses MUI2.0).
DosMan121.lha      util/wb    145K   0+Complete GUI Dos Manual
xfig1.lha          gfx/edit   271K   0+Xfig - a structured drawing tool. 02
GfxLab24.lha       gfx/conv   551K   1+GfxLab24 v1.2. Image Processing prog
ImageStudio_1.lha  gfx/conv   712K   0+Image processing program v2.1.0 Part
ExtraInfo.lha      util/wb    116K   0+Deluxe Replacement for WB2+ Info, V1
ArcsPack-8.lha     pix/wb     1.0M   0+AmigaDOS 3.1 Startup-Pix, Vol 8 by A
svlib116U.lha      gfx/show   361K   0+Superview.library - loads, saves, di
xfig_docs.lha      gfx/edit   274K   0+Xfig - a structured drawing tool. 02