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For Immediate Release
NewTek, Inc., Announces Portable  Video Toaster for Windows

April 9, 1995, NAB Las Vegas

NewTek Inc., today announced a portable, standalone Video Toaster for
Windows NT and Windows 95.  NewTek is known for developing the Emmy
Award-winning Video Toaster, the product that launched the desktop video
industry.  The original Video Toaster established itself as the standard
for desktop-based video production," said Tim Jenison, inventor of the
Toaster and president of NewTek.  "With the Video Toaster for Windows,
we're opening our doors to millions of Windows-based video producers." The
new Video Toaster utilizes NewTek's proprietary video compression
technique, VTASC, for real-time recording, playback, and non-linear
editing.  The unit features a built-in time base corrector and utilizes
off-the-shelf computer hard drives for recording video.  In addition, you
can work with a total of 8 tracks of 16-bit, CD-quality audio.  The Video
Toaster serves as both a Record Deck in the field and an A/B Roll Edit
System in the studio.  The original Toaster is known for its video effects,
color processing, character generation, paint, and 3D graphics.   It
changed the face of the video industry by being the first video device to
incorporate all of the major production tools in one box at an incredibly
affordable price.  With the standalone Toaster, NewTek has added non-linear
editing, CD-quality audio, and portability to the equation.  Now you can
record video, capture freeze frames, add titles, design graphics, edit
scenes, insert 3D animations, and put together a complete video program
using a single, sensible "drag and drop" interface.  Pricing for the
standalone Video Toaster begins at $7995.00, and the system is expected
ship in the third quarter of 1995.  A professional model, which includes a
built-in control module with 5.6" LCD monitor screen and front panel
buttons, wil l also be available for $9995.00.  Both models ship complete
with the ability to run Video Toaster software when connected to any
computer running Windows NT or Windows 95.  In the field, the professional
model can be operated entirely from its front panel LCD controls.  It can
even perform basic editing on the fly.  The control panel with the LCD
monitor was added primarily for electronic news gathering and electronic
field production users, "But everyone will love it," says Jenison.  "It's
very sharp and clear.  You can shoot and play back anywhere, anytime,
without the need to be hooked up to a computer." In the field, this will
allow the cameraman to control the Toaster via his camera cable.  During
the ride home from the shoot, the producer can review the footage on the
LCD front panel button.  Back at the studio, the editor can control the
entire system via SCSI cable control from any Windows NT or Windows
95-based PC.  "Over the last few years, we've had thousands and thousands
of people beg us t o release the Video Toaster for other computer
platforms," said Donetta Colboch, NewTek's Director of Marketing.  "Now,
the world's most popular and affordable video production system is
available for the world's most widely-used personal computers.   We
listened to their requests, then we added a digital disk recorder and audio
DSP (digital signal processing) system." The system has also been given new
versatility.  "You can record and play back at the same time, so it's a
natural as a commercial insertion system or for the new cable-on-demand
providers." Video Toaster for Windows includes the tremendously-popular
graphics package LightWave 3D, a full-featured 3D animation system renowned
for its easy to use interface and powerful features.  The new Toaster can
even function as the animation recorder for LightWave so that artists can
create flying logos, animated spots, scrolling credits, and more, direct to
disk, with the ability to play them back immediately.  NewTek has given
careful consideration to its e xisting user base.  The heart of the new
Video Toaster is the Flyer non-linear editing hardware.  The Flyer's
operating system has been completely rewritten to act as the brain of the
new Toaster.  At the same time it remains fully compatible with the current
Flyer hardware, which will allow Video Toaster Flyer owners to convert
their present Video Toaster system into the new Video Toaster easily.  The
new Toaster not only works with Windows NT but also with present Amiga
Toaster systems.  NewTek will make available a Video Toaster Bay
(essentially the new Video Toaster package minus the Flyer) to current
owners so they may enjoy the expanded capabilities of the portable system
while retaining all of the abilities of their current system.  The cost of
the Video Toaster Bay for current Flyer users will be $2995.00.  The
professional version will be $4995.00.  For more information contact NewTek
Inc., customer service at 1-800-847-6111.