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For Immediate Release

NewTek, Inc.  Announces Agreement with Elastic Reality "HIIP" Host
Independent Imaging Protocol will be included with LightWave 3D
Multi-Platform and Video Toaster System 4.0

March 18, 1995 Topeka, KS

--NewTek, Inc today announced that they have licensed the Host Independent
Imaging Protocol (HIIP) from Elastic Reality, Inc.  for inclusion in
NewTek's Emmy award winning Video Toaster and LightWave 3D products.  As a
result of this license, Video Toaster and LightWave 3D users will have
seamless connectivity to the most important image file formats in the film,
television and multimedia industries.  HIIP is a single unified
programmer's library which hides from view all of the complexities
associated with supporting a large number of im age file formats across
multiple computer platforms.  Users of LightWave 3D and Video Toaster
System 4.0 will benefit from HIIP's automatic file format detection which
frees users from having to remember an image's format or having to adhere
to a rigid file naming convention.  HIIP's flexible sizing and color space
conversion capabilities give NewTek customers the creative freedom to be
able to always use the right image for any desired purpose.  "Being
available for the Silicon Graphics, Windows, Macintosh and Amiga platforms,
HIIP provides a universal link between the growing number of platforms
supported by LightWave 3D" said Arnie Cachelin, Director of the LightWave
Plug-In group.  "There was a natural fit....  Elastic Reality's HIIP code
had all the right handles to easily plug in to LightWave's open
architecture." continued Cachelin.  HIIP's inclusion in the Toaster System
4.0 software allows Switcher, ToasterPaint and ToasterCG to make use of
images in more than 20 formats including: JPEG, PICT, Alias, Wavefront,
Targa, SGI, TIF and Cineon.

Elastic Reality Inc., recently merged with Avid Technology, Inc., is best
known for its namesake product, the multiple-award winning Elastic Reality
special effects system.  Widely adopted among high-end post-production
users, Elastic Reality special effects have been featured in such recent
productions as Forrest Gump, Stargate, Star Trek: Generations, and Tank
Girl.  For more information contact NewTek, Inc.  customer service at
1-800-847-6111 or Elastic Reality at (608)273-6585.