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Almathera decided that the dedicated Amiga user deserved a real big 
goody. For the first time in the Amiga history a complete pack of ten 
disks will be for sale for the price of £39.95.

The Ten pack contains:
Three early titles from Almathera CDPDI, CDPDII and DEMOI.   PANDORA which
contains ClipArt, textures, photo libraries and demos on multimedia
application for POS, POI, Education and training: it is a must for any
collector of PD.  World Vista Atlas - now works on all Amiga CD-ROM - is an
interactive atlas with maps, socio-demographic facts and audio track of
speeches and music.  THE COMPLETE WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE contains the
complete text of all Shakespeare's plays, poems and sonnets.   A very
useful reference for all students.  TEAM YANKEE , the tank game recently
re-released on the Amiga, has been included for the fun orientated
Amigaist.  If you think that is not good enough we have also three new
disks that will not be published separately: The PHOTOGENICS 1.2 Demo with
a library of picutres to play with.   Our own compilation of Clip Art and

The Networking CD is your only bootable disc and gives you all information
you need to get the maximum from your nine other CDs This CD contains comms
software and information about WWW, Mosaic, Usenet, the Archie browser,
AmiTCP (get on-line software), Netreck the interacive game, the World fact
to complete your World Vista Atlas and much more.

As with all Almathera products the Ten on Ten pack lives up to the
reputation of quality and excellence for which we have become renown
world-wide.  We don't substitute price for quality.  However, this is a
limited edition pack, we are producing ONLY 3000 units.

You can order your Ten on Ten pack for £39.95 from Almathera, Boundary 
Business Court, 92-94 Church Road, Mitcham CR4 3TD, telephone 0181-687