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Almathera is releasing on 15th May its new update of Photogenics.  
Photogenics 1.2 contains important new features which have been developed
with the end-user's wishes in mind.  We improved and added tools, options
for paintmodes and better support for different file formats.  The update
from ealier versions to 1.2 is only available from Almathera.

Photogenics 1.2 list of new features:

Warper tool added:
The easy-to-use warper tool allows you to distort, stretch, bend and twirl
parts of your image.

Printing added:
One of the most frequent requests from end-users was to be able to print -
Photogenics can now print to any preferences supported printer.  
Photogenics also supports the STUDIO II colour management system (not
included) for true 24-bit colour quality printouts.

CyBERgraphics 24-bit painting:
Photogenics can now paint in hi-colour (15/16 bit) and true colour (24-bit)
directly with any graphics card that supports the CyBERgraphics standard
(eg.  CyBERvision 64, Picasso II, Retina Z3, etc..).  Requires
CyBERgraphics drivers (not included)

Transparency Gradients added:
You can now apply various transparency gradients to rectangles, circles or
other shapes you draw and give the direction of your transparency.

Crop option added:
You can now crop an image to remove unwanted borders etc...

We added also for the end-user with non-AGA machines the
Ham6.gio/ShowHam6.gio and the 16 Colour preview.  Photogenics can now save
and display standard Ham (or Ham-6)images as well as being run in a 16
colour preview.

Some improvement has been made to the Previews (Photogenics uses high
quality dithering to get near 24-bit quality from a 256-colour display) and
the Compose mode (You can use other paintmodes inside compose to combine
the two images in many different ways).  You will also find new Paintmodes
(colourise, gamma, mirage, jitter etc...), NewIcon support, New .GIOs
(TIFF, PCX, HAM6, RETINA, ProGrab24, etc...) and many other improvements.

Photogenics1.2 is better, bigger and heavier with a 150 pages manual.  It
retails at £59.95 and the upgrade from 1.1a to 1.2 costs only £15.00.  You
can purchase Photogenics 1.2 direct from Almathera, Southerton House, 92-94
Church Road, Mitcham CR4 3TD.