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Change in USG Information

From: (Micke Persson)
Subject: USG

Hi, Jason!

I have a message for you from Peter Bornhall, Users Standards Group.  He
recently asked in USG-Net, someone to tell you this and in case you haven't
got the info already, here it is; :)

Peter has trouble with his internet gateway, and his email's to you just
bounces back.  He wanted to tell you that the address information in AR307
was changed around AR's release (bad timing), and the CORRECT address to
Peter Bornhall now, is;

    Peter Bornhall          Fido:   2:203/322.3   or   2:201/417.41
    Bäck 5, Främmestad      Amiga:  39:160/307.3
    S-46598 NOSSEBRO

// Micke Persson, USG-Net Zone Coordinator