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After what has been entirely too much screwing around with custom scripts
and a hand-maintained mailing list, Amiga Report once again has a real
listserv!  (And yes, we fixed the problem where the whole world could write
to it.

The address is  In the body of the message,
tell it-

SUB AREPORT <real name>        To subscribe to AREPORT
UNSUB AREPORT                   To unsubscribe from AREPORT
HELP                            To get general listserv commands help

Notice that you will be subscribed to whatever address you write the
message from-and unsubscribing works the same way.  If you need to
unsubscribe an account you cannot write mail from, write mail to 
 Jason Compton  for removal.

Thanks to Alejandro Kurczyn for getting this service established for us.