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                        Amijam '95, July 15-16 1995
  Amiga Users of Calgary     

Only Amiga Makes it Possible

The Amiga Users of Calgary are once again sponsoring Western Canada's
largest Amiga show!

Amijam'95 will be held Saturday July 15 and Sunday July 16, 1995 from 10am
to 6pm daily, at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Campus
Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, home of the Calgary Stampede.

This will be the third time AMUC has funded, organized and participated in
the running of this Northwest regional Amiga computer show.  In the past,
we have seen many attendees from all the western provinces and the
northwestern United States.  We have every confidence that Amijam'95 will
attract even more attendees from the region.

As the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede is running concurrently with
Amijam'95, we hope to attract many more out-of-town visitors, by jointly
advertizing Amijam'95 with the Calgary Stampede Board.  Our show promotion
also includes print ads in prominent Amiga magazines and heavy exposure on
the Internet.

Where to stay for Amijam'95


As Amijam'95 is being held during the same week as the Calgary Stampede,
hotel space in Calgary may be limited.  The following hotels are near the
show site (within a 10 to 20 minute ride on Calgary's Light Rail Transit
System).  Please tell them you are attending a conference at SAIT (Southern
Alberta Institute of Technology).  Prices are in the range of CDN$75.00 to
CDN$110.00 per night for single occupancy.  That's about US$55.00 to
US$80.00 at current rates of exchange.  Double occupancy is typically an
additional $10.00 per night.

 Avondale Motor Inn, 1-800-917-7779 or (403) 289-1921
 Comfort Inn, 1-800-228-5150 or (403) 289-2581
 Econo Lodge, 1-800-424-6423 or (403) 289-2561
 Royal Wayne Motor Inn, (403) 289-6651
 Highlander Hotel, (403) 289-1961
 Lord Nelson Motor Inn, 1-800-661-6017 or (403) 269-8262
 Days Inn, 1-800-325-2525 or (403) 289-5571
 Holiday Inn Express, 1-800-HOL-IDAY or (403) 289-6600
 Travelodge (North), 1-800-578-7878 or (403) 289-0211
 Canadian Pacific-The Palliser, 1-800-441-1414
 The International, 1-800-661-8627 or (403) 265-9600
 Best Western-Village Park Inn, 1-800-528-1234 or (403) 289-0241

These are all located either at the west end of downtown within a few
blocks of an LRT station (SAIT is two stops up the line) or in the
northwest in a concentration of motels called Motel Village (SAIT is two
stops down the line) beside the football stadium.

SAIT Hotel Services
Worthy of separate note are SAIT's hotel services.  These are run by its
Hotel Management Training program.  The Amijam show site is just a couple
minutes stroll between buildings on the SAIT campus.  The details are:

 CDN$19.00 per person per night, plus 5% hotel tax Rooms are two bed
 suites, full (daily) service is included in price To book, phone the SAIT
 housing office at (403) 284-8102 and ask for Linda Lampson.

Contacting AMUC

By mail

You can write AMUC at the following address:

                    Box 34230
                    #19, 1200  37th St. S.W.
                    Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
                    T3C 3W2

By email

Or you can email AMUC at:

Private communications should be sent to an individual's address at the
AMUC Express site, if in doubt you can email the Chairman:


Orders for AMUC CDROMs can be placed by credit card to the address:

By phone

       AMUC also has a 24 hour answering machine which you can call to
       get the current information on SIG and other Meeting locations.
       The number is: (403) 244-6990

Promotion Plans for Amijam'95

AMUC's plans to promote Amijam'95 include:

Mail out to potential exhibitors and presenters (at the begining of April),
Construction of this WWW site,
Accouncements to the various USENET and FidoNet newsgroups and some mailing
Direct email to key people,
Advertising with AMUC CDROM sales,
Promotion at various other shows in the Calgary area,
Advertising in an Amiga magazine (probably Amazing Computing),
Advertising in The Computer Paper,
Local (Calgary area) radio coverage.

These are listed in approximate order of implementation.

Features of Amijam'95

What's to see and do at Amijam'95


To entertain and teach both the neophyte and seasoned Amigan.  Current list
of seminars:

Seminars and Workshops

Below is a list of current seminar and workshop topics planned
for Amijam'95.  More seminars and workshops will be added as
speakers confirm.  

 Connecting to the Internet
 The Video Toaster
 Using Lightwave
 3D Rendering Tricks, Tips and Techniques
 Linear and Non-Linear Video Editing
 MIDI Music Inside and Out
 Inexpensive Colour Desktop Publishing
 ARexx Programming (beginner and advanced)
 Writing Runtime C++ Class Libraries
 Developing Applications with MUI
 Do-It-Yourself Amiga Upgrading

Presenters will receive a presentation fee or credit towards the cost of
their booth space.  It is our intent to assemble a CDROM for the show,
containing seminar notes and freely-distributable supporting materials
(graphics, sounds, fonts, programs, etc.).

If you are interested in presenting a seminar or workshop at Amijam'95
(even if it is already listed here), please contact the Amijam organizing
committee with your ideas and equipment requirements.  Send email to:

The number of workshops we can present will depend on the 
availablity of equipment for the hands-on lab.  In the past
this was supplied by Commodore, but we will have to find other
sources this time.  If you can help here please contact us.

Exhibit area
A hall has been booked for a trade show exhibit area.  Expect to see
vendors, developers, rare Amiga hardware, the Amiga museum, the Project
Multimedia Demo and a trading area for used hardware and software.

Games area
Multiplayer games for all Amigas and a focus on CD32 and A1200 gaming.

Open panel sessions
General Q&A on several topics with a panel of experts.

Amiga solutions CDROM
Enhance your visit to Amijam with a CDROM of tips, tricks and proceedings.
The CDROM will feature the first issue of the Amiga solutions database.

Personal networking registry
If you will help others for free or a fee, register here and a book or disk
will be available to all at the end of the show.

Fixit booth
Amiga hardware diagnosis and repair.

Registering for Amijam'95

Amijam'95 Registration Form

Please print this out, fill it in and send it to AMUC.  A printable
PostScript version of this form will be placed online soon.

Company Address:

Company Name: _________________________________________
Contact Name: _________________________________________  
Title: ________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________
City: _________________________________________________
Province/State: _______________________________________
Postal Code: __________________________________________
Email: ________________________________________________
Fax: __________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________________________________

We intend to exhibit:


We Wish to Reserve:

First choice booth numbers: ___________________________
Second choice numbers: ________________________________
Note the first 8 feet is $250.00, each additional 8 feet is $150.00.
Do you require volunteers to help man your booth? _____

Executed by (please print): ______________________________________________
Signature: _______________________________________________________________ 
City: ____________________________________________________________________
Date: ____________________________________________________________________

Trade Show Floor Plan for Amijam'95

Trade Show Exhibit Room

Eventually there will be a map of the floor space in the Symposium Room,
the main Amijam'95 show exhibit room.  Seminars, workshops and other
activities will be held in other rooms we have booked in the SAIT Campus
Centre.  Major exhibitors will be placed in the corners to draw traffic and
maximize flow, as has been done in past Amijams.

AMUC can provide volunteers to help man your booth.

Booth Pricing

The first 8 feet is $250.00, additional 8 foot segments are $150.00 each. 
Reduction in booth pricing, in exchange for seminar and workshop
presentations or for loan of equipment for use at the show, may be


Booth space reservations are on a first come, first served basis.  We have
some space reserved for whoever wins the Amiga bidding war (as Commodore,
GVP and NewTek have exhibited at previous Amijam shows). 


To receive a full refund, cancellation of an application for a booth must
be received by AMUC no later than June 15, 1995.  After this date no
refunds will be issued.

AMUC's Amiga Marketplace

The next CDROM of public domain and freely redistributable software (and
future ones too) that AMUC publishes will contain a database of companies,
organizations and individuals in the Amiga Marketplace.  So if you're a:

Video pro 
Alien life form

and would like to be included in our database, let us know.

What we'll need from you:

Some contact information that others can use to reach you, such as:

Name and address
Phone number
FAX number
Email address

What general category you want to be listed under, such as:

User Group
Service (repairs)
Support (consulting, training)
Software producer
Hardware producer
Manufacturer (publisher)

And what you would like to say about yourself or your company.  Please
avoid easily dated material.

What's this going to cost?

A single listing of 500 bytes or less is currently free.  

Multiple listings (up to 5) of up to a total of 20K bytes are free with
either a purchase of the current AMUC CDROM set or a pre-order of the next
AMUC CDROM.  If you need more space please contact AMUC directly.

How to submit listings:

Send listings by email to AMUC either as ASCII text (for the 500 bytes free
offer) or as UUencoded LHARC archives.  Or you can put them on floppy disk
and mail it to AMUC.

Traveling to Amijam'95

Travel Arrangements

North American Amijam'95 Delegates

Canadian Airlines International and their regional partners have been
selected as the official carrier for the Amijam'95 Convention.  Canadian
Airlines' Convention Air Reservation Office will guarantee you a minimum
savings of 15% off the full economy fare when you travel with them to
Amijam'95.  Canadian delegates will be guaranteed a savings of 35% off the
full economy fares within Canada.  American delegates will be guaranteed a
savings of 30% off the full economy fare.

Two nights' minimum stay and 7 day advance purchase is required.
Cancellation and rebooking penalties apply.  Advance purchase fares offer
even greater savings.  Should you qualify, you will be offered the lowest
available fare at time of booking (certain purchase requirements apply).

Please Contact:

Canadian Airlines' Convention Air Office toll-free at 1-800-665-5554 and
advise them you will be attending the Amijam'95 Convention, July 15-16,
1995 in Calgary.  Our file registration number is 2384.

When making your registrations through your local travel agent, please
ensure they register your booking with Canadian Airlines Convention Air
Office.  Canadian Airlines' regional partners include: Air Atlantic,
Inter-Canadien, Canadian Partners, Calm Air, Canadian North and Time Air. 
Canadian Plus members continue to earn valuable mileage points with
Canada's best frequent flyer program.

Transporting Show and Exhibit Material

If you need to transport trade show or exhibit material, Canadian Airlines
offers 25% off regular Canadian air cargo tarrifs within Canada.
Coordination of cargo shipments must be organized through a local Canadian
Air Cargo Office, and the registration number 2384 must be quoted to obtain
the discount.

For more information

Canadian Airlines (

Cadvision's Travel Guide

A last word about AMUC

AMUC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of Amiga Users
and the promotion of the Amiga computer.