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==                         News & Press Releases                         ==

 Amiga Report Listserv   And there was much rejoicing.  

   PC-Task Conference    Come to IRC...

    AmigaOS Project       Information update

       USG Change         Another information update

      Escom's BBS         Phone numbers and other info

    Photogenics 1.2       An upgrade to the image processor

       Ten on Ten         Ten-pack of CDs from Almathera

      Delfina DSP         Multifeatured audio board

 NewTek licenses 'HIIP'   Agreement with Elastic Reality

      AmiJAM '95         A Canadian Amiga show this summer

        AC '95           A Canadian Amiga show...deja vu...

    Viscorp license       License for Amiga technology

   Video Toaster Box      A portable toaster

   Opinion      Articles      Reviews      Announce      Adverts