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Subject: Follow up

Dear Jason,

A while back I wrote you and your staff to tell you what a great job you do
informing the Amiga community about news and new products for the Amiga.
You continue to do a great job and all more important now that Amiga World
bit the dust.

The reason I am writing you this time is the concern I have with a company
in which I feel produces one of the top five software products for the
amiga.In March of last year I purchased Scala Info Channel and Info channel
player.  Since the purchase I have tried many times to get more informa
tion from Scala on new releases of the Info Channel software and new
product information.  I have gotten absolutely nowhere with this company. 
It is really sad to purchase $3,000 dollars worth of software from a
company and not be able to be informed of new product.  A company such as
Scala that creates software to keep people informed at that.  Please see
what you can find out from this company.  Maybe you have to have a magizine
to find out anything from them!

Feel free to use this letter anyway you see fit.  I hope anyone considering
buying a product from Scala will understand they will never hear a word
from them.

Thanks for any help in this matter.
Bruce Chandley


From: (Fredrik Lundin)
Date: Tue May 09 15:07:05 1995

Hi Amiganoids...

After reading the information from Escoms head, Manfred Schmidt, when he
said they "think to integrate CD-32 in a PC".

As I see it, yeah..  maybe a good idea, but is it worth it ?  I always
thought the CD32 was perfect for those who wanted the ability to play good
CD-ROM based games, without the need to buy an expensive 'Multimedia' PC
(Soundburner..  blaster and CD-ROM).

1. Most games on the CD32 are available on the PC clowns, sometimes
   the CD32 use more colours and much better scrolling etc, but
   considering that several of the PC bestsellers DO NOT exist on the CD32,
   a PC486 user with a 'multimedia' system, do not really need or want a
   CD32 card in his Amiga, unless some really really good games only come
   out for the CD32, and the CD32-card had a price of less ca. 99 USD.
   (no need for CD-ROM, powersupply, case etc.. cuts costs!)

2. One other great feature with the CD32 is the expansion box, for
   someone without a PC, and have bought the CD32 only for games (as
   described earlier above) could later buy this box, SX1 is the only one
   at the moment.. and that way get into computers! Not with PC or MAC,
   not with Windows.. but with AmigaOS! The next time he might buy
   something more expensive.. but he want the same system he learned
   his computing on, not some tricky and expensive PC. :)

3. AMIGA-card for the PC, was also mentioned, as well for the
   Apple Performa and Power PC. This is a much better idea!
   The hard thing is to convice the PC-users to buy the card though...
   After that, they might partially convert from Windows to AmigaOS...
   If someone could manage to write CyberGfx or EGS drivers to use the
   SVGA graphics built-in most PC's also, hmm.. could this work ?

I would like to know what other people think !  Also ask yer PC and MAC
'friends', after you have shown them the AmigaOS on your Amiga..  "If you
could have this, for lets say...  250-300 USD on a card, would you buy it?"