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    Supra Library






    Jure Vrhovnik (


    First of all I must express an opinion of mine, which is sincere and
makes me very happy that it is: "Inspite of the terrible situation of the
Amiga computer, its soul still lives and it's even stronger than it has
ever been before.  And we've finally realized what this soul really is -
it's Amiga users!"

    Supra is a collection of routines that can be considered as a small
update to Amiga ROM libraries.

Since computer programs grow complexier day by day programmers find it hard
to cope with high level organization, and thus can't afford to use their
time for implementing basic routines.  That's why Amiga's libraries are so
valuable - they help programmers to concentrate on developing larger
projects and make the pieces of a puzzle bigger.  However, Amiga libraries
haven't been updated for quite a long time.  The pieces of a puzzle haven't
changed, but the puzzle grows along with more advanced projects.

This is my first release of supra functions.  The collection is very tiny.
However I hope this release will set a decent example that Amiga OS can and
should be updated.

    Supra is a linked library which contains a few useful functions that
are easy to use.  A brief description of what it contains:

    o File copier
    o Very easy but powerful recursive directory scanning
    o Quick file type/existance checking
    o Create an entire directory path (extension to CreateDir() )
    o Image colour remapping (now you can show images in their real
      colors on a workbench!)
    o Obtain a list of best pens (extension to ObtainBestPen() )
    o Add or change icon's tooltypes

Here is a list of function names:

    - FCopy()
    - FileType()
    - RecDirInit()
    - RecDirNext()
    - RecDirTags()
    - RecDirFree()
    - MakePath()
    - ObtPens()
    - RelPens()
    - MakeNewImg()
    - FreeNewImg()
    - AddToolType()

Every function is well documented and there are some useful examples
included in this archive. All source codes of functions are included.


    any Aminet site (e.g.






    This library can be freely used in your own programs. You can
distribute this archive anywhere, as long as it's unchanged. You may
change the code to suit your needs, but you must report any change to