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   Patrick Rogers



    Computers store all data as sequential strings of numbers in one format
    or another.  Many utilities are available to view and edit files in their
    most primitive state, as sequential binary data.  However, since most files
    are structured in a more complex fashion, it is often useful to view them
    in such a structured format.  ChunKit is a hex editor designed to view
    and edit iff and executable files in such a structured manner.

    Rather than dumping the unformated contents of the file to the screen
    ChunKit first checks to see if the file is in executable or iff format.
    If so, it splits the file into it's component chunks, allowing you to
    examine the components of the file without having to wade through all of
    it's structural information.  You can then add, edit or delete any part
    of the file.

    ChunKit requires at least OS 2.04


      * Opens all files
      * Displays all iff files in a tree format allowing chunks to be
        deleted, renamed or edited.  This means you can read and modify
        iff files easily without having to worry about iff structure.
      * Executable, object and library files can be examined and edited in
        a tree format.  Each Hunk can be opened and it's symbol, reloc
        or code blocks can be examined and modified.  Symbol and debug
        blocks can be removed to reduce size and load time.
      * New iff and binary files can be created from scratch.  If you need
        to create a specific file there is no need to edit an existing
      * OS friendly, non modal gadtools interface, streamlined to be as
        user friendly as possible (i.e.:  There are a lot of features, not a
        lot of buttons.  The emphasis has been placed upon giving the user
        as many useful features as possible without an overwhelming array
        of options.  If the program can determine something on it's own it
        does so.)
      * Fully supports the Amiga clip board.
      * Modular internal design so new types of files and chunks can be
        edited in the future.
      * Enforcer clean.
      * Non features such as non standard file requesters have not been 
        included.  If the user prefers some other file requestor they can
        patch it into their system and all of their applications can use it
        and share a common interface.


    OS 2.04 or greater.




    The archive and its contents are freely distributable.
    See documentation for details.


    ChunKit is available on aminet in misc/util. (57118)