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        Paul Kolenbrander

        Email :
        Post  : Turfveldenstraat 37
                NL-5632 XH  EINDHOVEN
                The NETHERLANDS


        HTML-Heaven is a suite of _four_ programs intended to make the
        creation and maintenance of WWW (HTML) pages easy. The programs
        in the suite interface with your favorite editor (providing it 
        supports text insertion via ARexx) to provide you with a very
        comfortable environment. Now inserting HTML commands is as simple
        as point and click. This is the upgrade from version 1.1 with a
        host of exiting new features.


        Version 1.1a has all the features of version 1.1. Plus:
        * Support for two new editors. MEmacs (thanks to Ellis Pritchard)
          and PolyEd.
        * Improved script for GoldEd now supports blocks the same way that
          the TTX script does. Same goes for the PolyEd and SE scripts.
          Just mark a block and hit eg. the <B></B> gadget in HTML-Heaven.  
        * Support for character entities so you can now embed special 
          characters like ®, æ and þ for example.
        * The brunt of the new NetScape extensions to the HTML language. 
        * The documentation is now also included in HTML format.
          On-line browsing:

        HTML-Heaven requires:
        * Workbench 2.04 or above.
        * ARexx (bundled with Workbench 2.04 and above.)
        * Around 1MB of free memory.
        * About 400KB of floppy or harddisk space. (installing the entire
          suite and all docs including the HTML versions.)


        - WWW - 
        - Most Aminet sites. Examples of which are:


        The registration fee for the HTML-Heaven package still is only:
        - Nederland         Dfl 15,-
        - Europe            DM  15,- / Dfl 15,- 
        - Rest of the World US$ 15.- / Dfl 20.-


        The unregistered version is freely distributable.
        The registered version and it's custom keyfile are *NOT* freely

        This suite of programs is copyright 1994 by Paul Kolenbrander.


        To encourage users to register, (I'd like to get some return for
        all this effort I have put into creating the suite.) the freely
        distributable versions does not support ToolTypes/parameters and
        will not supply on-line help. Furthermore a 'reminder' requester
        appears on exiting any of the four programs comprising the suite.
        The unregistered versions will also not allow more than 5 ARexx
        commands per session. They'll keep functioning, but ignore any
        further ARexx commands given by the user as it has unloaded it's
        ARexx Host.