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==                     FTP and Product Announcements                     ==

     Aminet Charts        Aminet Charts for May 8, 1995

     Aminet Charts        Aminet Charts for May 15, 1995

    HTML-Heaven 1.1b      Help to write WWW documents

     SpringTime 1.0       PD puzzle game

     Eazy BBS 2.21        Unix-like BBS with UUCP support

    easyrexx.library      Add an ARexx port to your application

    ARCHandler 2.0a       Use lha files like directories

 Guida Online Magazine    Croatian AmigaGuide magazine

      ChunKit 1.0         Editor that structures the hex code

     Supra Library        Small update to Amiga ROM libraries

        LIP 1.4           Helps to induce lucid dreaming

  Control Panel 4.2.1     Streamlines AmiTCP

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