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                            AMIGAS IN EDUCATION
                            By Lori Vinciguerra

The following is a list of schools with Amiga Labs.  If there are more of
you out there or if any of these no longer exists please let us know.  We
will attempt to maintain an updated list and publish it in the AEL
newsletter on a regular basis.  As you can see from the current list, we
are interested in all levels of schooling, from K-12 to college.  I have
received many inputs for the list this month.  I have also included the
list from "Famous Amiga Uses" compiled by David Tiberio and available on

School Name                                   Departments

Alberni School District 70/Vancouver,BC       Art, Media
Arizona State University                      Education, Multimedia
Atlanta College of Art/Georgia                Graphics
Ball State University/Indiana                 Video Information
Banting Memorial High School/Ontario          Video Toaster
Bishop P.F. Reding Secondary School           Video
Bridgerland Literacy Program                  Reading
California Institute of the Arts              Animation, Video
California State University at Fresno         Media
Cameron University                            Physics, Communications
Carleton University/Ontario                   ---
Centralia Community College                   TV production
Charles Sturt University/Australia            Image analysis, Art
Colgate University                            Art & Art History
College of St. Rose                           Physics, Math
Capilano College/Vancouver                    Computer Graphics
Costano School/ E. Palo Alto, CA              ---
Drake University/Iowa                         TV
Emily Carr Inst. of Art & Design/Vancouver    Film & Video
Ferris State University/Michigan              TV
Fresno Community College/CA                   Video Information
Graphic School/Belgrade, Yugoslavia           Animation, Image processing
Grossmont College                             Multimedia
Institute for Biochemistry/ Austria           ---
Intermedia Arts/Minneapolis, Minnesota        Animation, video
Kent State                                    Telecommunications
Kentucky Educational Television               Physics, Satelite TV
Logan Middle School/Utah                      ---
Logan High School/Utah                        Industrial Arts
Loyalist College/Ontario                      TV
Maarstricht University Hospital/Netherlands   ---
Marine Institute of Technology/Newfoundland   Multimedia, Video Information
Massachusetts College of Art                  Art
Massasoit Community College/Brockton,MA       Cable TV
Middleton High School/Wisconsin               Video Toasters
Minneapolic Community College (MCC)           Film & Video
Modesto Junior College/California             Art, Animation
NY Institute of Technology                    Art, Animation
Nicholson Catholic College/Ontario            Media, Art
N Adeleide School of Art Edu./Australia       Art
Ohio State University                         Art
Olympia High School/WA                        Video
Orange Coast College/Costa Mesa, CA           Art, Multimedia
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine  ---
Reg. School #7/ Winsted, CT                   Math
Remsen Central School/New York                Word Processing
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute              Electronic Arts
Rhode Island School of Design                 ---
Saint Francis de Sales School for the Deaf/NY Media
Sherwood Secondary School/Hamilton, ONT       ---
Southwest Research Institute/Texas            ---
Space Telescope Science Institute/Maryland    Video information
SUNY Albany                                   Math
SUNY Oswego                                   Graphics
SUNY Stony Brook                              TV
Stephen Leacock Collegiate/Scarborough,ONT    Multimedia, TV Studio
Stevenson-Britannia School/Manitoba           Elementary school
Toronto K-12 School System                    Art, Wordprocessing
Tulane University                             Video & Television
Tulsa Junior College of Oklahoma              Video
University of Bergen, Norway                  ---
University of California/Santa Barbara        Video
University of California/Santa Cruz           ---
University of Florida                         ---
University of Georgia                         Fine Arts
University of Maryland                        Film & Video
University of Massachusetts/Lowell            Computer Science
University of Minnesota/Twin Cities           Video
University of North Texas                     Video Information, TV
University of Oulu/Finland                    Chem.,Computing,Geophysics,Math
University of South Florida                   Graphics
University of Tampa                           Animation
University of Toronto
University of Utah                            Video
University of Wisconsin Hospital              Medical Research
University of Wyoming                         TV
Utah State University                         Instructional Tech, Vieo, TV
Valencia Community College                    Physics
Walton High School/Georgia                    ---
Western Illinois University                   Broadcast, Weather
Western State College/Colorado                Art, TV
Westford Academy (MA)                         Math
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