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In early May, Marv Birkinbine from Maxximum Video in Boise, Idaho (US)
contacted Manfred Schmitt, president and majority owner of Escom AG.  The
transcript of the fax follows.


1: (Marvin Birkinbine) It has been said that you plan on making 64's,
600's, 1200's.  Is this true?  What about CD-32's, full-motion video
module, etc.?

    (Manfred Schmidt) CD-32 production we will also start soon.  Also
    we think to integrate CD-32 in a PC as well as in televisions.

    We will also cooperate with many suppliers like Motorola and Apple
    for new applications.  The idea is to produce an Amiga PC board
    which fits into Intel machines, Apple Performa and Power PC.

2: (MB) (No, not THAT MB!) Will you be setting up a U.S.  distributor? 
Will it be CEI?  If not then who?

    (MS) Yes! Not yet decided!  We talk with all.

3:  (MB) Will you make monitors?  What kind?  Multisync?

    (MS) Yes, Amiga monitors.  Specifications not yet decided.

4: (MB) Will you be fixing the 1200 & 4000 so they don't require 15KHz
scan?  (For better picture quality.)

    (MS) Yes, in next generation for 1996.

5:  (MB) Will you consider national advertising in the U.S.?

    (MS) Yes, in cooperation with distributors and dealers.

6: (MB) Maxximum Video would be a great place to have those spots produced,
and the cheapest!!!!!!!!  [Ed.  Note: Sorry for shameless commercialism.]

    (MS) O.K.

7: (MB) It is said that you are looking into a Power PC chip configuration.
Have you considered the PA RISC?  In the U.S.  an 80MHz computer is where
the competition is.  The PA RISC at 125 MHz would be a step ahead and it is
already reverse-engineered to emulate the Motorola.

    (MS) We are always looking for the most powerful machines.

8:  (MB) Will you be looking at continued A2000 support?

    (MS) We talk with [obscured] to do it.

9:  (MB) Will you be including hard drives with your systems?

    (MS) Optional.

10: (MB) What sort of development do you see ESCOM pursuing to advance the
Amiga technology?

    (MS) We will work with new projects, when we have defined the R&D
         team. We will integrate the most successful engineers from the
         team. We will integrate the most successful engineers from the

11: (MB) Will you be setting up a U.S. engineering team?

    (MS) Yes.

12: (MB) Will you be contacting Newtek to arrange new support for the

    (MS) We have to.

13: (MB) Will you be contacting H-P to produce chipsets or a joint
agreement to license them to be a clone maker?

    (MS) Yes.

14: (MB) Where do you see Amiga and Commodore one year from now?  Two years
from now?  Five years from now?

    (MS) We will be one of the most successful multimedia companies in
         the world. Commodore with Amiga will be a 1 billion US$ company
         within three years.

15: (MB) How long do you expect it will take to bring product to market in
the U.S.?

    (MS) September 1995.

16: (MB) Will you sell directly in the U.S.?

    (MS) No, through distributors only.

17: (MB) How are you going to encourage software development in the U.S.?

    (MS) Please wait.  We have some ideas.

18: (MB) What kinds of incentives will you be able to offer the dealer?

    (MS) Products, products ...

19: (MB) Will you be developing 16-bit audio for the Amiga?  What about

    (MS) Please wait.

20: (MB) Will you be correcting the dealer/distribution problem that
Commodore made?

    (MS) I hope so. We will try our best.

(MB) Well, that is about all I have for now.  Sorry it is so boring but
these are questions that a large number of my customers would like to know.
[Ed.  Note: and you know how boring WE are!] I will close for now and get
this in the fax and send it to you.  Thank you very much for taking the
time to fax with me.  And I hope to have a long and happy relationship with

Please fax this back ASAP to Maxximum Video Creations Inc., 208-322-3091 in
Boise, Idaho, U.S.A.  As of 4-30-95 you can E-mail me at:

Thank you again for your help and LONG LIVE COMMODORE/AMIGA/ESCOM!!!

Very truly yours,
Marvin Birkinbine

    (MS) Please send your company profile. Best regards.
         Manfred Schmidt


Courtesy of Marv Birkinbine           Transcribed by Sam Johnson          
                                      AUSI Monitor
                                      Amiga Users of Southwest Idaho

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