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Black Belt Systems is pleased to announce Imagemaster R/t 1.60 for the
Amiga computer.  IM R/t 1.60 expands the software's already impressive
array of special effects to include enormously powerful powerful plasma
tools, other operational enhancements, expanded interface controls and
additional documentation.

Black Belt Systems continues to enhance our Imagemaster R/t product, still
the most powerful image manipulation system available for the Amiga, as
well as offer full time technical support to our customers.  More important
reasons why Imagemaster R/t is the right choice for your Amiga image
manipulation software!

We also want you to know that should you be considering adding Windows- or
Windows NT-based computers to your working environment, you should also be
aware that we offer very powerful special effect, image manipulation,
morphing and warping software at incredibly low prices for these platforms
as well as for the Amiga.  We even have versions for RISC machines such as
the Alpha, MIPs and even the PowerPC, all of which are shipping right now!

Currently, the big news is in the Amiga arena - here are some specifics
sure to grab your interest...

The plasma suite can generate flame events in still frames or over time.  A
number of useful types of flames are available, including gas flames,
candles, log and forest fires, and even the oil wick of a hurricane lamp. 
This is only the tip of the iceberg, however, as all flame parameters are
settable by the user.  For instance, independent control over the flame's
base, middle, end and tip colors allow you to tailor the burn even to rare
metals such as sodium or magnesium with no trouble.  You have control over
how much the flame distorts the background behind it, turbulence within the
flame and much, much more.

Also in the plasma suite is an extensive electrical generator which excels
at lightning and other electrical effects.  Preset or "canned" effects
include Summer Storm, Windstorm, Fibrous and Gamma Bursts.  As with the
flame capability, these are only a hint of the range of effects available.
You have direct control over color, glow, zagging, saturation, taper, width
and more.  As with the flame tools all controls may be animated over time
using ARexx, resulting in travelling bolts and strikes with an astounding
level of realism.

IM R/t 1.60 contains many other changes and improvements, including the
ability to force all screens to 4-bit, 8-bit, or AGA, something that should
help the performance of many of the weaker AGA emulations for the various
graphics boards available for the Amiga.

For more information or to place an order, call us toll-free right away at
(800) 852-6442 from anywhere within the USA or Canada.  Outside these
areas, dial (406) 367-5513.  You can also FAX us at (406) 367-2329.  Black
Belt Systems' business hours are from 9am to 5pm MST (MST is 2 hours later
than US east coast).