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                       NOW AVAILABLE: fMSX Amiga 0.4!

fMSX Amiga 0.4 (or simply 'fMSX') is an emulator for MSX computers.  The
current version runs on any machine with the following requirements:

CPU: 68020+ (As far as I am concerned there will never be a version for
             normal 68000)
OS: v39+ (If enough people are interested I will lower this to v36)

fMSX 0.4 is not capable of using MSX disks, I hope to add this as soon as
possible (version 0.5 or 0.6).  This means that loading and saving is
currently rather limited: only cartridge images can be loaded, and nothing
can be saved.  As a consequence, the emulation is only good for playing
games at this time.  Games can be obtained from:

under MSX/fMSX/ROMs.  There is also an archive if MegaROMs here, but these
cannot be used with fMSX Amiga.  Also available from this site: versions of
fMSX for UNIX, PowerMac, and PC.  The UNIX version is the original, and has
the most features.  The other versions are all conversions of the UNIX
version.  Compiling the UNIX version on Amiga results in a program that is
four times slower than the current version.  fMSX UNIX is developed by
Marat Fayzullin (

Games in the ROM package include classics like Loderunner, Raid on
Bungeling Bay, Zaxxon, Bosconian, Falcon, Eggerland Mystery, Grog's
revenge, Guardic, Knightlore, Knightmare, Oil's Well, Payload, QBert, Tank
Battalion, Thexder, Twinbee, and Zanac (hands up anybody who knows more
than half of these!)

PERFORMANCE: On my 68030 (25Mhz) it is just a bit slower than a real MSX. 
It is quite a bit slower than AmiMSX, but the emulation is a lot better (it
does full emulation of all flags, for instance), a lot more stable (it
almost never crashes, although there is a known problem with sound at this
time), and best of all: it's free!

Oh, and before I forget: multitasking is enabled, and it is completely
OS-friendly, *and* it uses a font-sensitive interface, so people who get
their kicks from this kind of thing can get it without troubling their
conscience...  ;-)

Finally, if you have some fastram it helps a lot, and I accidentally left a
MEMF_CHIP in v0.4 that slows things down quite a bit, for which I apologize
deeply.  For those who have seen v0.3: with that MEMF_CHIP taken out it is
just as fast as v0.3!

BUGS: This is version v0.4.  Once it is finished I'll give it a number like
v1.0, until then you can expect "omissions" and other un-features.  Right
now there is only one fatal bug (that I know off): if the soundchannels of
the Amiga are allocated when the emulation is started it hangs.  Expect
this to be gone in v0.5, until then you'll have to be careful.  Like Sierra
used to say in the good old days: "Save early, save often", and it still
applies today.

FUTURE: Things that will be added include support for reading/writing MSX
disks (that's easy, MSX uses the same format as PC!), more speed, and of
course MSX2.  The current version can already run MSX2 BASIC (albeit very
slowly), although only one MSX2 screenmode has been implemented.

                         ***** VERY IMPORTANT *****

I have a new e-mail address! If you want to contact me, write to

My old address is no longer be valid!

            ***** ALRIGHT, ONLY IF YOU WANTED TO MAIL ME *****

AVAILABILITY: fMSX is available on aminet, in "misc/emu".  Everything you
need is in the archive (no f****ng around with downloading ROMs), but it
helps a lot if you have some cartridge images.  I don't supply these; but
as stated there are several available through www.

Hans Guijt, author